Three weeks ago 15-year-old Chad Jones was in his Cleveland area home. The neighbor was visiting his sister as she did almost daily. As they played in the house the neighbor began to bang on Chads  bedroom door. This action spooked his Great Dane named Seizure,  who had been his companion for almost 2-years and was in the room with him. Feeling the girl was going to hurt Chad, Seizure  bit the girl, sending her to the hospital overnight for stitches to her ear and side of her face.  Seizure had never shown signs of aggression before. The Great Dane is often described as a gentle giant, but he is naturally protective when the situation calls for it.

The Sheriff’s Department was notified and Seizure  was ordered to quarantine for 10 days to be sure it wasn’t rabid even though the shots had been kept up to date.

On Saturday, Chad and Seizure were about to go for a walk in this subdivision made up of very large lots.  Seizure  was on his runner in the yard. Chad, who suffers with Autism. unhooked Seizure before he put the leash on. Seizure  ran off and across the street.

The neighbor who had been bitten three weeks before  lived in the home across the street which was fenced with a large cyclone fence. Seizure,  not showing any signs of aggression ran into the wooded area next to the neighbors home. Moments later as the boy stood out in front of his house  calling for Seizure,  a shot rang out and he heard the dog yelp. Chad ran to where he heard the yelp just to find Seizure dead.

The neighbor, took matters into his own hands and shot and killed Seizure. By taking that shot, another home was in the line of fire.

When Chads mother came out to see what the commotion was she couldn’t believe it.  She asked the shooter why he did it instead of calling and he responded he didn’t know. Chads sister was at the shooters house with her friend who had been bitten three weeks prior. The shooters daughter was screaming at him also asking why he shot Seizure. 

It was later in the day that Chad’s mother learned the man had been convicted of burglary to a building in College Station, a State Jail Felony. However the court reduced it to a Class A misdemeanor charge. He later had his probation revoked on that charge and was sentenced to one hundred forty days in the Brazos County Jail. . She said if she had known sooner she would never have allowed her daughter to be at their house.

When law enforcement was contacted the Chads mother was told that there was nothing that could be done.

The boy who suffers from from a form of Autism has had Seizure since a puppy and  is heart broken. He and Seizure even slept in the same bed and were inseparable.

He buried Seizure  in the backyard Sunday.

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  1. conroetx

    Welcome to Cleveland where Police are scared of people and always take the easy way out and say “nothing can be done”, unless other agencies are involved, then they “have to” take action. Have you noticed that they are always hiring police officers? I wonder why police pfficers don’t last long in Cleveland.
    On the other hand, keep control of your dogs!!!!
    There are LOTS of dogs in cleveland and they are off a leach.
    I, as a parent, would of be scared, for my child, of ANY dog after the first bad experience, so I understand the felon. BUT, why does a felon have a gun would be my next concern? Hello law enforcement????????

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