A girl in Spring had an 8 year old Yorkie that is like a child to her that has been missing for about 2 weeks. She had a pet amber alert and signs in her yard. Today a woman left her a note saying that she found the dog and gave it to her niece for her 14th birthday. She does not want the 1000 dollar reward money and they will NOT give the dog back!!!



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  1. LocalDrifter

    The solution here is a simple one. If you see a 14-year-old girl with a Yorky, steal it and then present it to the eight year old who was originally missing her dog. And if that skanky lady tries to steal the dog that was stolen… shoot her on site to send her and her lack of civility the grave all along with her.

  2. debdav

    I think that is theft, i have had a little Yorkie stolen once and it was a horrible feeling. These little dogs are family. Not only are they family they are expensive. Isn’t a theft over a certain amount of money a felony? GIVE THE LITTLE DOG BACK!!!!

  3. Texicandog

    The woman who took the dog and won’t give it back also needs to realize that since the dog is 8 years old, it will soon need extensive vet care, if it does not already, expensive vet care at that. Are they ready to do that? Sounds like the real owner WOULD do that.

  4. texasmomof2

    What the hell?? Isn’t that THEFT?? And the girl Received stolen goods?? That girl, is jA CHILD, take that dang dog away from her and give it back to its owner!!!!!! What is wrong with people these days? What about morales? What idiots we live among these days!!!

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