December 3, 2022 4:39 pm

Posted: 2.7.2013 21:05


Late this afternoon Liberty County Sheriff’s Department started taking calls from residents in the area of Country Road 648 just north of Dayton. Reports of the sighting of the dog which killed Linda Oliver Monday at her home. Multiple units responded to the area and spotted the dog in a back yard. The dog then ran across an open area. A deputy was standing near the ditch when the dog started running at him. Armed with a shotgun, the deputy fired knocking it backwards. The dog got up once again and and the deputy shot again striking and killing the dog.

Further investigation showed the dog had been shot yesterday in the neck by Deputy McQueen when it charged him and the Paramedics as they got the porch of Oliver’s home.

Oliver had been a Dayton resident for years and tutored many young children on art including private art lessons.

The dog is described as a Lab-Rottweiler mix.

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