On Tuesday at approximately 18:15 hours a Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Interdiction Unit deputy conducted a traffic stop on Hwy-59 in Liberty County. When the deputy approached the vehicle he immediately detected the odor of Marijuana coming from inside the vehicle. The driver was identified as Daniel Anthony Canada, B/M, DOB 12/03/1985. A check of the defendant’s driver’s license confirmed that the driver’s license was not valid.

During the course of the investigation, the deputy believed that a criminal act was possibly taking place. Consent to search the vehicle was given by the driver. The deputy located a hidden aftermarket compartment on the driver’s side armrest. The compartment was empty. Another compartment was discovered behind the back seat that led to the trunk area. The compartment contained a blue and yellow handbag. The bag contained two clear vacuum sealed bags containing approximately 3.5 pounds of suspected Marijuana. The deputy found a loaded Smith and Weston semi-automatic pistol and $20 bills that were banded in $2000 increments and 62 grams of medical grade THC chocolates (15 satori medical cannabis milk chocolates) in the aftermarket compartment.

Canada was read the Miranda warning and transported to the Liberty County Jail without incident. The evidence was secured and the defendant’s vehicle was seized. Daniel Anthony Canada is a convicted felon. He was convicted in 2016 for Evading Arrest/Detention with a vehicle. He was charged with the following:
1. Possession of Marijuana – State Jail Felony
2. Money Laundering – State Jail Felony
3. Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Felon – Third Degree Felony
4. Manufacture/Delivery of a Controlled Substance – First Degree Felony
5. Unlawful Use of a Criminal Instrument – Second Degree Felony

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