A major accident in San Jacinto County just after noon today has closed US 59 both north and south. It is known at this time there are two fatalities and a Life Flight. A logging truck carrying a tractor, a tank truck which was leaking and a small white car were all involved. The scene is in the clearing stages. Details will be available as soon as DPS is able.

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  1. SSargent

    Very sad for those unsuspecting victims. But I admit that I am not surprised. Police need to stop worrying so much about inspection stickers and worry about these 18-wheelers that for whatever reason (sleep deprivation? plain uncaring?) Do not pay attention to the roads, laws and other drivers.
    When I was driving my beetle – I always made sure that when driving by 18-wheelers I always rode where I can make eye contact with them in their mirror. If I passed – I passed QUICKLY. And STILL they would try to change lanes on top of me. And no matter how much I blew my horn they ignored me or couldn’t hear me. There is definatly SOMETHING going on with them. If their engines are too loud to hear or something – they should be making OUR horns louder or something.

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