FM 1485 at Firetower Road was once again the scene of a serious accident. This time unlike the April 7 accident where the driver was trapped under his truck, or the single fatal accident like on April 18, 2010. The head on this past Wednesday which sent three people to the hospital, one critical. Just after midnight this morning two women traveling in opposite directions met at Fire Tower Road head on. Upon impact the Ford SUV burst into flames killing Virginia Johnson, age 41 of New Caney. Christina Hamdani age 31 of Conroe the driver in the KIA SUV was entrapped in her vehicle for quite some time and just like last Wednesday firefighters worked desperately to free her. PHI Air Medical was dispatched. Firefighters were finally able to free her, However she went into traumatic arrest on the scene. Unable to transport her by air MCHD medics, a New Caney firefighter and both flight medics transported her to Kingwood hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.
Judge Metts was summoned to the scene by DPS Trooper Woolsey and pronounced the female victim in the burned vehicle deceased. Judge Metts ordered autopsies on both victims.
According to DPS Trooper Roger Woolsey the Ford was traveling eastbound and the KIA was traveling westbound. The KIA crossed over the center line striking the Ford head on.
Families were not notified as of this time and until they do names will not be released by DPS.
FM 1485 was closed over three and one half hours as the scene was investigated,
Just moments before the road was to open Julie Stepp age 27, of Conroe was westbound on FM1485 approximately two hundred yards from the scene when she came up on Officer Rodriguez who was directing traffic for the fatal scene.
According to DPS her attention was not directed at Officer Rodriguez and she slammed into the left side of his patrol car. There were no injuries but extensive damshe done to the patrol car.
At the same time another driver sped into the road block area almost striking a Montgomery County Deputy.

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  1. dwolf10

    I just want to say that pointing fingers is not gonna bring either of these woman back an is very heartless for anyone to post stuff on here makeing accusations. Only god knows what truly happened..An to Ginger’s family i am so sorry about your loss she will be missed. I only wish that we would have known so that we could have been their to say or good byes. i send my thoughts an prayers out to her husband an children an family…God bless,
    Deanna Wolf an family

  2. SSargent

    My prayers and thoughts for the family of Christina, whom I only met on a few occasions but always had a smile and laugh and for the family of of the other driver.
    A lot of people are experiencing a huge sense of loss over this accident and I hope only that something good can come from this in getting that stretch of road to the attention of TX-DOT.

    Also, I did get into contact with Scott, and he was very kind and understanding and will be editing out the portion of the video showing Christina. For the sake of the friends and family who may be stopping by.
    Thanks very much Scott – I appreciate it!

  3. adj5109

    My cousin was the one driving the red ford explorer.Please don’t get on here trying to say it was this one or that ones fault.We’ll never know & it really doesn’t matter because 2 women were killed the other night! We are all grieving over Ginger & Christina’s family is grieving over her as well! We are just devastated over this.Ginger left behind 3 kids & a husband & all her other family members & we all have access to the internet,so before you post rude comments think of her kids please!! Have a heart for God’s sake.

  4. casper123

    HOnestly I dont think they should have this on here it way to sadd and firetower rd we know is dangerous to drive on becuse the curves:(( I think that it was nobody fualt it was an accident.. So nobody should really blame!! My bestfriends mom passed away in this accident she only 15. She doesent know wat to do without her mom imagine if she read this and heard everyone blaming each driver,How it would make her feel and pluss christina family and lets try and make it were we quite blaming and start praying for the families <3 Rip Virginia Johnson & Christina Hamdani These loved ones will always be Remembered<3

  5. devastatedfriendofchristina

    To Christina’s Parents, Husband, sister, etc… and Ryan… I can not begin to express how awful this is, and how sorry I am. She was loved deeply by many and touched all our lives. I considered her to be a dear friend whom I loved like a sister. This has been so very hard to handle.

    To everyone… I do not believe that Christina was doing anything like texting, etc. If she was on the phone at the time, I guarantee you it was through the bluetooth in her car. She has called me a few times on her way home from work, saying how tired she was, and to talk to her for a while.(to keep her awake)… She worked long hours, sometimes not getting proper breaks because they were short handed at work.

    As far as the other driver, it sounded from the article that she may have been speeding, but its only speculation on what both of them may or may not have been doing.

    I am not pinning blame on anyone, it was an accident, it happened late, and 1485 is filled with bad curves. What happened is two sets of families and friends have lost people they love. It is awful, and heartbreaking.


    I’ve lost other people, but losing Christina has truly hit me the hardest. :`( I hope her family can forgive me for not calling as of yet, I’ve tried many times, but every time I see the number I just start breaking down again. I love her so much.


    1. Scott Engle

      Not just accidents, any news in Montgomery County, drug busts, accidents, homicides, weather, robberies, court cases. News so the people of Montgomery County know whats going on. Just so happens lately there are way to many accidents in this county. People in a hurry to get from point A to point B. Speed to high for road conditions. The speed limit is 55 in places, on wet road that can spell disaster.

  6. shannonlenox

    Believe me at this point it does not matter who’s fault it is or was, there are two women who have left alot of loved ones and friends behind. So please be kind with your words because believe it or not their family and friends will be reading the comments.

    I lost my son on MARCH 29TH 2010 to a wreck so I know what these mothers are going though, thier lives will never be the same, so be kind with your words and most of all pray for all involved.

    God Bless the families and friends and all the people these two woman have touched in their life and death may they turn too you Lord so they can know the peace you can and will provide them as you have for me. Amen.

  7. firefly

    What makes you so sure Christina wasn’t speeding? And if someone was swerving into her lane, why on earth would she swerve TOWARDS them and not AWAY from them? Maybe you should ask yourself what Christina was doing instead of paying attention to the road that she swerved into the other lane and killed someone, and whether or not it was worth it!!

  8. Truth

    This is such a sad story. To the family, no one can ever know your loss, and our prayers go out to you!

    To the author, perhaps someone should look into the work circumstances that Ms. Hamdani was REQUIRED to endure. It is well-known and documented that management with her company work many 12 hour days each week, and often without breaks. This day was no different for Christina…

  9. chjedu

    I was driving eastbound around 1am when I came upon the scene. There was a fireman and firetruck blocking FM1485 at Firetower directing traffic. I stopped and the fireman gave me directions on how to easily navigate around the blocked roadway. I stayed stopped there for several minutes while I sent a few text messages and made a phone call; during my phone call, the fireman and his crew packed up their truck and left leaving the scene exposed to any approaching traffic from the west.

    As I suffer from insomnia I figured since I would be awake any if I went home I decided to hang around and offer directions to passing motorist heading east. I was surprised that no one official set up warning flares or anything.

  10. christian747

    Were the facts overlooked? Red car traveling at high rate, with highbeams, blinding KIA driver, over shoots curve, startles KIA west bound driver, red car goes into west bound lane and then read-a-just heading back to her lane, Kia reacts to avoid accident and goes toward east bound, red car returning to east bound hits KIA. Look at the evidence on the photos. Red Car deffiently at fault.

  11. inita

    How do you know that the ford explorer was not crossing the center line and christina swerved to the left to avoid her, and how do you know that the explorer was not in exessive speed because it says with the force of the explore they both went to the east bound side, to me the explore was speeding and left christina with no optional place to go,

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