Just before 1 am, Houston Police attempted to stop a KIA for traffic and possible DWI on West Loop 610 Northbound at Westheimer. The female driver refused to stop and sped up. As the chase continued to I-45 and started north, Montgomery County was notified as the vehicle was registered on Camp Craft Drive in Willis. Montgomery County units and DPS started to take up positions along I-45. A DPS helicopter was launched from DPS Headquarters at US 290 and West Road. DPS Trooper Hiebert who was on SH 1-05 at the time of the first call started to move south. Just south he made the U-turn onto I-45 North and waited for the vehicle to approach. As it did Troopers got in front of HPD. As patrol units backed off, Hiebert moved very close to the vehicle. As the vehicle approached FM 1488 and with traffic clear, Hiebert made a pit maneuver. Using a specialty bumper on the front of his patrol unit he tapped the rear of the Kia. In doing so, it caused the KIA to go into a spin, stopping in the ditch between the freeway and feeder. They female was taken into custody as she fought officers. Once in the patrol car she began to kick the rear of the patrol car. She was transported back to Harris County to face charges of evading. The only damage to the patrol unit was a scuff mark on the pit bar. On the Kia was a small scratch on the right rear bumper. Skid marks on the roadway showed how her vehicle entered the spin. Hiebert is one of the only Troopers in Montgomery County certified to execute a pit maneuver.

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  1. michelle227

    So…high speed chase, multiple jurisdictions, multiple agencies…and Harris County allows Ms. Newkirk to be released after posting bond in the amount of only $2,500.00 on each of two counts (Evading and Assault on Public Servant).

    I get that bond is not intended to be punitive but at the same time, the amount SHOULD have some rational tie to the nature of the offense. It is appalling that she was able to get out after posting a total of $500 plus whatever fees were charged by the bondsman. She is no longer in Harris County custody, so watch out Montgomery County- crazy loon is in your midst and has demonstrated she does not care about your safety.

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