Just after 3pm a DPS helicopter spotted a black Ford Excursion which had just been stolen in West Harris County. The owner of the vehicle had gotten out of the vehicle and left it running. The helicopter spotted it at the Stripes gas station in the 11600 block of SH 249 near Washington. THe crew contacted Harris County dispatchers and kept a close eye on the truck. The vehicle left the station, went across SH 249 to West Montgomery and south. When the vehicle got to Breen it was held up by a traffic light. That is when two Harris County units arrived on the scene. The driver of the truck took off and a chase started. The driver drove south on West Montgomery and into Acres Homes. He than went east on S. Victory to Shepherd and down to Tidwell. The driver then went west to Ella and down to Loop 610. He entered 610 and exited US 290 outbound. At Mangum he exited and cut west to Old Hempstead Road. There he continued up to 43rd. and West on Clay to Gessner. The driver then traveled several miles on N. Gessner , crossing West Road into a subdivision. He then u-turned going head on with patrol units. At West Road he cut through a gas station parking lot and went west on West Road to BW8. There he went to SH 249. As he turned south on SH 249 stopped and attempted to flee. Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies and Precinct 1 were able to quickly take him into custody. What was different about this chase than most others were that the helicopter crew was able to warn units attempting to catch the truck of traffic conditions ahead and intersection conditions. The units did not have to be right with the vehicle as he was being observed from overhead. During the pursuit the vehicle pushed vehicles through intersections, drove the wrong way on many streets and ran several traffic lights. There were no crashes or injuries.
This is the second time in several weeks this crew has assisted in keeping officers safe during a chase. A Liberty County Unit was involved in a pursuit on I-69 through Cleveland. Montgomery County Units were alerted of the motorcycle at 123 miles per hour heading south. The DPS helicopter crew was at Little York and I-69 and moved north to assist. By the time units got to SH 99 the motorcycle was too far ahead and units broke the pursuit. That was all except DPS Helicopter 102. The crew stayed with the motorcycle south through Humble and to Beltway 8. The motorcycle continued west to I-45 ad then south to downtown Houston. No other units were involved in the chase except the helicopter. THe rider exited in downtown Houston and went into a parking garage. Moments later Houston Police swarmed the garage. Te bike was found but not the rider. He was however identified.
DPS 102 is based just off 290 in Houston and is in the air many hours day and night. They have been responsible for deputies from several agencies in capturing suspects that have fled on foot, missing persons, and serious road conditions.

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  1. justalocal

    Agree! I can remember a day not too long ago in this country when you weren’t rewarded for stupidity and irresponsibility, in fact being stupid and irresponsible cost you. but now doing stupid things like leaving your car running unoccupied in today’s world is rewarded and worn like a badge of honor. And if insurance does pay out for this the responsible people like ne get left get stuck paying for it. The irresponsible owner of that car should reimburse DPS for what it costs me and the rest if respinsible taxpayers to recover their vehicle for a preventable event.

  2. michelle227

    I hope his insurance company refuses to cover ANY of the damages…there is a reason people have been told for MANY years not to leave their vehicle running or to exit the vehicle with the keys still inside.

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