Around 9pm Tuesday a DPS Trooper attempted to stop a Ninja motorcycle on FM 1488. The motorcycle accelerated to speeds of over 100 mph down FM 1488 eastbound. As they approached FM 2978 the motorcycle turned south and once again accelerated to 90 mph. Just as the Trooper got close enough to get a license number the male slammed his brakes on and attempted to cut through the Valero parking lot. When he did, the Trooper was unable to stop and hit the motorcycle. The bike slid about 30 feet. The rear of the motorcycle was damaged and very little damage was done to the push bar on the front of the DPS Tahoe. Magnolia Fire Department and MCHD responded to the scene. The man turned out to be a 16-year-old juvenile. He was treated on the scene for some minor road rash. The case is being referred to the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office for charges.




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  1. TG

    We see these losers all the time, on bikes, in cars or trucks. Low performance drivers driving high performance vehicles. If they’re such hot shots let them get on the race tracks and prove how great they are against real drivers, not by recklessly driving on our streets and highways. I’m not talking about somebody pushing the speed limit by a few miles per hour, I’m talking about fools like this who push it beyond common sense.

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