Greetings fellow Montgomery County Republicans. I’m writing you today to officially announce that I will not be seeking re-election as your Republican Party Chairman in 2020. I have endorsed Bryan Christ to run for this position. He will appear on your March 3, 2020 Republican Party Primary ballot.

I want to thank each of you for your support of our Party. In my fifty-five years as your Republican Party Chairman, we have seen a lot of change. When I started promoting the virtues of the Republican Party in Montgomery County, we were a blue county with no Republicans officeholders. I, along with many stellar Republicans, worked hard and dedicated ourselves to the cause of turning Montgomery County Red. Our work took literal decades, but we slowly began seeing change. In 1978, we were able to elect our first Republican to a county office in over 100 years. By the year 1995, Montgomery County had elected Republicans to all of her offices. This was a sweeping victory that could be credited to all of the hard work of our grassroots volunteers and the generosity of our financial contributors. I’m proud to say that we’ve not had a Democrat candidate win a county office since that time. We have witnessed many victories over the decades, with our latest being electing President Donald Trump. We must stand united going into 2020 in order to continue the important mission of protecting life, liberty, and justice for all. We are Republicans, and we cherish the freedom that can only be obtained from a limited government with “We the People” at the helm. Our mission is important and we cannot be derailed by insignificant power struggles and small thinking. We must have a unifying leader for our Republican Party if we are to Keep Texas Red. I have full faith that Bryan Christ is that leader, and he has my full support.

I implore you to not only research whom you will support for Republican County Chairman but to also learn about who the candidate is for your Republican Precinct Chair. This person will be making important decisions for the Republican Party on your
behalf. It’s critical you help elect fair-minded conservative individuals who will put the Party above self. It’s only through a strong, united, Republican Party that we will continue to experience monumental success in our county and in Texas!
I will always be here for you, should you need any guidance about anything I’ve said in this letter, or about any other issue. I will not discontinue my life’s work of supporting the Republican Party, but I will enjoy my new role as your retired Republican Party Chairman.

Dr. Wally Wilkerson
Chairman, Montgomery County Republican Party
[email protected]

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