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Posted: 1.3.2010 17:05


Just after 7:00 a.m. Monday morning Conroe Fire Department was dispatched to a swift water rescue near the intersection of West Davis and Dallas.
On arrival, they found a 33-year-old man who had gotten into the rain-swollen Aligator Creek and was unable to escape. A passerby threw a rope to him and he was able to wedge himself against a bridge pillar as the citizen who threw him the rope tied it off to the bridge rail.
Conroe Police set up another line downstream to use as a catchline in case he broke free from where he already was. Conroe Fire set up Ladder 1 on Dallas and Firefighter Luke Skelton secured himself to the end of the ladder. The ladder was then extended and lowered Skelton to the man. He was able to tie off to the victim and was quickly raised out of the water.


In all the operation lasted about 30 minutes. Due to the victim being in the water for almost an hour MCHD transported him to the hospital for evaluation. He was later released.
According to Lt. Steve Cottar the water was moving at close to 5 mph and was about five feet deep.
The Conroe Fire Department has been involved in many rescues in that same area according to Cottar.
The National Weather Service reported that the Montgomery County Airport received .45″ of rain from midnight until the rescue took place.

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