September 24, 2022 9:47 pm

Posted: 17.4.2021 14:21


A retired Veteran and his wife have decided to make the Spring area their home. They were in the process of moving the last of their possessions along with their two dogs heading for their new home when they were involved in a crash on SH 242. As they traveled westbound just west of Old Houston Road in his 2016 Chevrolet truck pulling a u-haul trailer they were almost struck head-on. According to witnesses Elizabeth Ramsey of Livingston was eastbound on SH 242 and unable to maintain a lane of traffic. Driving her Chevrolet Aveo she crossed the centerline sideswiping the Chevrolet pickup. With her car heavily damaged, she got out and started to run. She was detained by an off-duty security guard who saw the crash. The driver of the truck or his wife or dogs were uninjured. Ramsey, after failing field sobriety tests was arrested for DWI. SH 242 was closed for close to 45-minutes as the road was cleared. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office worked the crash.

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