Early Thursday evening DPS Troopers came out to scale the crash scene from Tuesday’s fatal motorcycle crash on FM 3083 at Gulf Coast Road. While they worked the southbound lanes of FM 3083 were closed. Precinct 2 Deputy Constables were directing traffic around the scene. They were just finishing about 9:30 pm.when a Hispanic male in a Honda Accord sped through the scene. A Precinct 2 Deputy ran to his patrol unit to stop the vehicle as he disregarded verbal commands at the location. The driver sped up heading toward Conroe at a high rate of speed. As the Deputy came up on Waukegan/Texaco Road he lost sight of the vehicle, however, as he rounded the curve he spotted headlights in the woods. That was when he saw the driver flee into the woods. Additional units along with DPS searched but were unable to locate the driver. The vehicle which had put down over 200-feet of skid marks before crossing the southbound lanes and slamming into a tree, missing any other vehicles. The accord was totaled. About 45-minutes after the scene cleared a Precinct 2 Deputy spotted a Hispanic male fitting the description of the driver and also appeared were and muddy, walking along FM 3083. When he stopped the male he admitted to being the driver and stated he fled the scene because he was scared. He will now have to answer to Judge Spikes.

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  1. Michael

    And wow! I was actually there at Gulf Coast Rd (using it to bypass fm242 construction, going over to fm1314 to deliver a repaired computer system to a business) yesterday afternoon too! I had no idea there had been a deadly motorcycle crash there earlier (?). Gulf Coast Rd is a very pleasant little road, lots of shade no traffic and in good condition (remember I’m used to Plum Grove Roads that are trashed!). Just saying.

  2. Michael

    Another Illegal Alien is more like it! Another good reason why allowing Illegal Aliens to stay in our country is a REALLY BAD IDEA! 😐

    Luckily he didn’t kill anybody… this time.

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