BAUKUS,NICOLENADRANicole Nadra Baukus, 23, of Spring has been released from  Memorial Herman Hospital and taken into custody by the Texas Department of Public Safety. She has been transferred to the Montgomery County Jail where she is being booked in on two counts of Intoxicated Manslaughter and one count of Intoxicated Assault.  Her bond has been set at a total of $140,000.

Troopers are still attempting to ID the rear seat passenger  that was killed along with Nicole Adams of Conroe when they were struck by Baukus when she entered the freeway the wrong direction and struck them over SH 242.

The front seat passenger who was transported to Hermann Woodlands in critical but stable condition has been identified as David Porras, 21, of The Woodlands.



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  1. nunezad

    This is just another sad story about innocent ppl dying over other idiots stupidities. may the victims rest in peace n that dumb xxx…is where she belings for now..although she should of been the one to die.

  2. bobbyd

    @katieex08… I apologize if it appears I have no sympathy towards the deceased. That is nowhere near the truth. I sometimes show it it strange ways,i.e. SARCASM. I truely have these Kids & The Families in my Prayers & Thoughts.

    @copeland…. I didn’t get “rabid” as you so eloquently say. I spoke how I feel/felt.Stated just what I wanted to convey!And why is it our youth “fallen into the pit of alcoholism”.. Can you say PARENTS?? Or LACK there of?Once again,REALITY rises and rears it’s ugly head!!

  3. justduckey

    While I have been guilty of having a drink or two and driving I can honestly saying have never been so messed up I had no idea where I was at. There are things called cab companies…use them. While I do see the tragedy for Ms. Drunk driver, she had a choice and as such took away the future choices for three other individuals. This is the reality.our generation has been talked to and made all to aware of the potential consequences of drinking and driving. Schools and other civic organizations have spent millions on increasind awareness. So no momofoffender there is no sympathy here and forgiveness must come from the familes of those poor young souls who lost their lives because this lady totally disregarded everything she had been taught. To Katie-My heart greives for them but not Nicole though I can sympathize with her family.So very sad and tragic….

  4. copeland

    As I wrote in a post after bobbyd’s rant that was moderated and deemed not good to print?? Dr. Phil always counsels, “Don’t let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird XXX.”, and his Daddy had that right!! When you get “rabid” in your post like bobbyd did, you lose your objectivity and make little sense! The culture of our youth has fallen into the pit of alcoholism, and thinking it is harmless to others and oneself to drink and drive! Sadly it is not…this is just one case of many in our country. And how many will die this w/e as our country celebrates the 4th of July??

  5. beautyfades_stupidisforever

    Okay, I’m sorry but having a few drinks at dinner and being hammered enough to drive the wrong way down a highway with a barricade between the two lanes of traffic are two COMPLETELY different things.

  6. katieex08

    My friends brother was the unidentified person in the back seat and it just amazes me that people come on here and instead of just expressing their condolences you have to argue with one another about who sounds more intelligent. The families of these victims come on these websites to read about what happened and I’m sure it doesn’t sit well with any one of them when people are arguing about stupid things! Please try to have a little more respect..

    1. Jamie Nash

      Katie, I’m the other half of MCPR and what you’ve seen here is an ongoing issue with one person who attacks me and Scott, and other readers, personally on a regular basis, always attacking everyone else’s intellect. It’s not disrespectful. These are comments, not the article.
      If you don’t like the comments, don’t read them.

  7. bobbyd

    Wow…Just Wow… A quote from another news story from their online site,NOT their printed version…

    “Burse said Baukus told investigators she thought she was driving on FM 2978 when the collision occurred. She reportedly had left a bar about 1:30 a.m., Burse added.”

  8. motherofoffender

    Sarcasm doesn’t come across clearly in text form. I had to read the first post three times. Now I was sure after the first time that this person was trying to be sarcastic. The second and third time was to make sure. Be careful what you say because people here cannot HEAR you say it. I don’t think anyone would purposely say something like that.

    It is such a tragedy. The young girl who drove drunk has lost her life to prison and the people who died have lost their lives. This is why drunk drivers who kill unintentionally, to me, are the saddest. Everyone either knows someone who has had a drink/beer/glass of wine and driven home or done it themselves. It scares me every time I am driving on a Friday or Saturday night. (most likely times). She can never take it back. Remember this the next time you are out at a restaurant for dinner.

  9. byoung

    I think what Bobbyd is referring to is the man who hung himself I jail a couple of days ago. I was reading comments on that article and saw where he had a disagreement with people who claimed the man’s wife somewhat deserved being stabbed. So, looks like he was saying (sarcastically) that these victims deserved this outcome as well, which we all know is untrue. Just to clarify.

  10. bobbyd

    @Trace… What are you reading in the reply? Neighborhood watch guy?? How in the hell could you relate ANYTHING in that posting to that situation?
    If you’re referring to the last “paragraph”, that was in reference to the 1 vehicle roll over a couple of weeks ago where the driver was killed while BREAKING the LAW!!
    MANY people defended him after replies were posted.
    Hope this helps!!

  11. bobbyd

    @jmata, are you seriously that ignorant? Are you people EVER HAPPY?? I totally have the respect for the MURDERED victims.Just NONE for the MURDERER!!As far as the last guy,guess we’ll never know,will we?
    Would you like to start the Money drive for her Defense?Then we can just advocate her actiond and not “rag” on her.Maybe there could be a miracle and her life could be traded for the two lives of the people she MURDERED. Open you eyes and face REALITY and get out of your dream world!
    As far as “Karma”, screw “Karma”. You make YOUR OWN Karma!!
    When you post something NEGATIVE about the MURDERER,people get up in arms.
    When you post something positive about the MURDERER,people get up in arms.
    Bottom line,she MURDERED TWO human beings,Seriously Injured a 3rd, and has Minimal Injuries herself(released from hospital)… But,that’s the Norm for DRUNKEN MURDERS… Thay are so loose & limber,they don’t normally receive BAD Injuries.
    Look up the word “Sarcasm” in the dictionary.Maybe you can then understand.

  12. Trace

    I’ve read the comment by bobbyd several times and Im gonna guess you’re speaking of the neighborhood watch guy that killed the kid… Im just not sure how in the hell you are relating the two? And Jmata Im trying to figure out what article you read or what you are smoking? She was intoxicated, traveling the wrong side of the road and killed innocent people. You are right about one thing though, those people aren’t coming back, they are dead! I don’t believe someones right to party and drive is worth anyones life. If anything these people had the right to live without some irresponsible idiot coming along and slamming into them because she was too drunk to know what side of the road she was on! Their are families out there grieving, parents, kids, brothers, sisters, etc. Ragging on this lady is probably the easiest punishment she should hope for. SMH! She knew, just as you and I know that driving drunk or under the influence is against the law. Punishment should be enforced. Ignorance today never ceases to amaze me.

  13. mclainpride

    I am not sure that I am reading what the first comment posted was right. I mean did they just seriously say that the people that this drunk driver killed did not deserve to live??????????? Really??????? How can you say that?????? DO you know them personally, and all about them???? ARE YOU GOD?????????? I am sure hoping and praying that this was just a misprint.

  14. nickh

    what are you talking about, its her fault she got drunk and drove on the wrong side of the road …read again “when they were struck by Baukus when she entered the freeway the wrong direction and struck them over SH 242.

  15. jmata

    wow. do you not have ANY respect for the deceased?!?! who knows what happened with the last guy…maybe he swerved to miss a child, person or a dog. Ragging the person that killed these poor souls will not bring them back. What you might do is beware of the Karma coming your way…jeeze

  16. theoutlaw

    I’ve read your post several times and I’m not sure how to take it. I think it’s best just not to comment about it. This is a tragedy all the way around and I wish the people of this county (and other counties too) would wake up. Nothing good comes with drinking and driving and definetly nothing good comes after 12 midnight.

  17. bobbyd

    WOW…. I think she should receive an AWARD for her STUPIDITY in this case.
    Those people she MURDERED did not deserve to LIVE. She took it upon herself to carry out the decision,’cause she heard voices telling her to do so.
    I know,I know… She needs to be PRAISED!!!Maybe we can set-up an account to help her fund her lawyer.
    I just wonder WHO’S FAULT this was? Ex~boyfriend?? Ex~girlfriend???Employer???? GOD?????Peers????? I’m sure it wasn’t hers…
    I wonder if THE SAME people who Defended the replies about the person who killed himself(while BREAKING the Law)will rally around THIS MURDERER???

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