Some young adults’ late night fun ended tragically, with a drowning in the early hours of Tuesday. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene, with the first units finding a young male alone on a floating platform. He said his 20-year-old friend was swimming out to him, went under on this way to the raft, and had yet to reemerge. North Montgomery County Fire Department responded with divers and a boat. After searching for over an hour the victim was recovered just after 3:15 a.m.

Detectives are on the scene. VIDEO SHORTLY   070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still001070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still002070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still003070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still004070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still005070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still006070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still007070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still008070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still009070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still010070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still011070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still012070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still013070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still014070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still015070114 WILLIS DROWNING.Still016

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