August 10, 2022 6:28 am

Posted: 26.9.2013 21:26


An alleged attempted car- jacking was reported to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department at 11:06 am this date with the victim, Michael Dendy age 22 being at the Wickliff Grocery store in Ames, Texas. Deputy Michelle Giaquinto responded to that location and found that Michael Dendy had sustained a large laceration to the right side of his face and other facial injuries. Liberty County EMS was called to the scene where the victim was stabilized and taken to the Liberty/Dayton Hospital for further treatment.

Initially, Dendy told the Deputy that he had been on FM 160, approximately four miles north of Hwy. 90 when an unknown male and female attempted to car-jack him and as a result he ran through a barbwire fence with his truck. Michael Dendy claimed, at first, to have only been in the Liberty area for a short while but later it developed that he had been a resident at the Summit Inn motel in Liberty while working locally for a pipe line company.

Sgt. Investigator Billy Knox also responded to the scene and during his follow-up investigation began to get two or three different versions of what had actually happened from Mr. Dendy. After obtaining his medical treatment and with continuing interviewing from Sgt. Knox, it was determined that the injuries sustained by Michael Dendy was from a drug deal gone bad. There was an axe handle in the vehicle that belonged to Dendy and it was evidently used as the assault weapon. After the beating the unknown male and female fled the scene.

Subsequent investigation by Sgt. Knox revealed the possible names of the suspect(s) and as of this writing, Investigators are on the streets searching for the suspect(s).

At this time no arrest have been made but charges will be pending those arrest.