September 27, 2022 6:01 am

Posted: 2.3.2011 1:39


Fifty-one year old Thomas Wayne Neal may not have thought much about riding his scooter with no lights or license plate to the Chevron at ten o’clock at night. He may not have even thought about what would happen when he walked out the door with the twelve pack of beer and put it under the seat of his scooter.

He did wonder though about the six DPS Troopers who were standing in the parking lot as they had just completed their investigation of a motorcycle crash where the driver couldn’t see the motorcycle who had lights and pulled out in front of him.

He thought about it so much that instead of coming in the parking lot from the side drive he cut between the building and took off.

Troopers Smith and Balzekas took notice of him and went after him. He tried to accelerate to get back to his shop but DPS were still able to keep eyes him.

When they pulled up behind him he tried to explain the road back to his shop area was private property as was the Chevron parking lot. Since it had public access it truly isn’t private property as far as motor vehicle laws go.

Not able to pass the field sobriety test he was given a field breath test which showed him to be over the legal limit.

He was arrested and transported to the Montgomery County Jail.

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