dwi driver celebrates her dwi conviction with another dwi arrest

QUINN_DIANNAA 43-year-old woman who was just convicted of a second DWI is now facing a felony after she was pulled over in Montgomery County on suspicion of drinking and driving yet again.

Diana Quinn of 2743 Longleaf Pines in Kingwood was arrested early Thursday morning in East Montgomery County by DPS Trooper Peterson on Felony DWI charge after he saw Quinn come out of Players Lounge parking lot. This was the same location that she left on April 12, 2012 when she was arrested for DWI by Trooper Larson. 

On Thursday morning she did not signal her turn onto southbound  Loop 494 and  the Trooper noticed she was driving erratically, according to court documents. The Trooper continued to follow her where her speed altered between 45 and 55 mph. She was also weaving. As they approached Northpark she was pulled over. With the odor of alcohol on her breath and unable to do some of the tests the Trooper asked her to blow into the portable breath analyzer. The result according to court records was over twice the legal limit.

The DA’s office says Quinn’s third DWI charge came so soon after her second DWI conviction that her criminal record had not yet been updated. In fact, DPS Trooper Peterson thought he was arresting her on a second DWI charge until she told him of her conviction on Tuesday. Quinn initially refused to provide the DPS trooper with a voluntary blood sample, but because her case was elevated to a felony DWI, the officer was able to obtain a mandatory sample but not without a fight. Quinn resisted the first two blood draws at the hospital before the staff was finally able to secure one.

Quinn’s first DWI was on January 17, 2011 when she was arrested in Harris County. That charge was dismissed on June 8, 2011.

She was once again arrested for DWI on June 5, 2011 by Montgomery County Precinct 4 Deputy Ford. This was 3 days before Harris County dismissed her first DWI offense.

After the Montgomery County arrest she was ordered to comply with certain conditions if she was to bond out on a $5,000 bond. She was ordered to install install a breath interlock device in her vehicle,  She also had a SCRAM monitor on her prior to leaving the jail. 

On June 27, 2011 a Capias was issued for her arrest after the Judge was made aware that she did not have a home phone and therefore a SCRAM device cold not be operated.

On the day she turned forty the Interlock was ordered removed and the SCRAM device was ordered removed. In addition ASAP Bail Bonds requested her bond be reinstated. At that time the warrant was recalled.

Just a few days later the Judge was sent a monthly SCRAM report for June 2011 which showed no drinking events and only one tamper or obstruction on the device.

On September 6, 2011 her case was reset  to October 3, 2011 at the request of Attorney Tay Bond.

Once again her case was reset on October 3, 2011 to November 7, 2011  at which time she plead guilty. For that Judge Watson gave her 3 days in jail and a $1000 fine and $410.00 in court costs which she was given a payment plan for. Her last $40.00 was paid on that fine the same day she was convicted of her second DWI.

On April 12, 2012 DPS Trooper Larson was on patrol when he arrested Quinn for DWI which was her second.

This once again she was ordered to install a breath interlock in her vehicle.

Her court date was rest for July 23, 2012 at the request of her again retained Attorney Tay Bond to September 25, 2012.

On September 25, 2012 it was again reset to October 23, 2012 at the request of her attorney..

On October 23, 2012 it was again reset to November 15, 2012 by her attorney  in order for him to review video of the arrest.

On November 15, 2012 it was again reset by her attorney for January 7, 2013.

It was then again reset for a jury trial on March 11, 2013 .

However during that time Attorney Tay Bond who had been her retained attorney was given an order by the court to be appointed as her attorney.

On March 11, 2013 a jury was seated and found her guilty of the DWI second offense. On March 12, she was sentenced to one year in jail which was probated for 2 years.

Quinn, who this time was given a $7500 bond has once again bonded out of the Montgomery County Jail. Her arrest was a violation of her probation which may land her right back in jail.

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  1. bobbyd

    3rd arrest before her 2nd conviction is even posted.
    Here again,how “people” abuse/sidestep the system in reality!
    When will it end? When DUI/DWI get the same enforcing efforts as Armed Robbery,B&E,Rape,etc?
    If it is made a FELONY,some may stop.
    If they NEED help,then get it.

  2. getitright

    Please know that she was cut off and departed Players at 7:25 PM, March 13. She returned to Players and was refused service at 1:24 AM, March 14.
    The bartenders who cut her off and refused her service should be commended for a great job of managing her behavior, something she apparently has difficulty with.

  3. getitright

    Please know that she was cut off and departed Players at 7:25 PM, March 13. She returned to Players and was refused service at 1:24 AM, March 14.
    The bartenders who cut her off and refused her service should be commended for a job well done.

  4. really66

    Thank you Judge for letting her off with a slap on the hand!!! I pray she does not kill someone this time…………….SHE SHOULD HAVE SERVED HER TIME IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!! Not on the streets to continue to drink!!!! Thanks again

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