Additional Law Enforcement Officers hit the streets Friday night in hope of curbing drunk drivers.
At 6 a.m. Saturday morning it was deemed a success. In all for the night 11 DWI charges were filed, 1 of those was a mandatory blood draw due to a major accident. Four more required a warrant for blood specimens, and six were voluntary.
Of those numbers two were prior to 11pm. The last two actually were stopped by one trooper as they both ran into each other in a parking lot accident. The Houston Police Department B.A.T. Mobile was located in the Rookies parking lot at Sawdust and I-45.
The program will continue Saturday night.

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  1. dktully

    This is good to see and hear. In memory of Meghann Marie Smith killed by drunk driver 10/26/08 visit her legacy www,dwitracker.com

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