May 23, 2022 6:48 pm



Just before 9:30pm Harris County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a welfare check at 2211 Fallen Oaks Drive near Fallbrook and Veterans Memorial.This is in North Harris County. Deputies arrived and were unable to raise anyone by knocking. Checking for residents that resided at the location they found a 49-year-old male lived at the home and had an open warrant for family violence. Deputies called for backup and requested the HIDA unit to respond to assist.

A large party next door also had to be dispersed and several residents were evacuated.


As deputies walked outside the perimeter of the home, a deputy looked through a blind and saw a child lying on the floor who appeared to be dead. Seeing that , deputies attempted a forcible entry. As they entered the home, they were met with gunfire.

Deputies backed out and called for the Harris County SWAT Team and a negotiating team.

For over 2 hours deputies tried to get the man to come out. At one point he told deputies he was coming out but would be shooting. However about thirty minutes later he told deputies over the phone he was coming out.

He exited the home with his hands raised and was taken into custody and rushed from the scene,

Deputies then made entry into the home and found 3 adults and 5 children dead.

Detectives are still  on the scene where they will be most of the day. As of yet they have not released, identities, genders, ages or the method in which they were killed.

There is also word that a sixth child may be unaccounted for.

We will update as details are available.

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