EMC home flattened

PORTER – Another East Montgomery County neighborhood was freed from living with what had become a hotbed of illegal activity on Pinewood Drive in the Porter Heights subdivision.

The nuisance was a middle-class family home before it was abandoned three to four years ago. Richard Jordan with Montgomery County Environmental says area kids discovered it was empty and not only broke in, but vandalized the home and began to use it for a for a variety of what Jordan called “undesirable activities.” In addition to providing basic shelter for drug abuse and other things, there was even some furniture left inside including a bed and chairs.

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Three such properties were demolished by Cherry Demolition during the current budget cycle, at an average cost of $5,000 to $8,000 each A lien is placed on the property and when it is sold, the money goes back to Montgomery County Environmental for more demolition.

Jordan said after the next budget period begins, his office is ready to knock out some more.

In a July interview, Jordan said 14 nuisance properties were demolished in Pct. 4, with five more on the list. Friday’s demolition was at least the third since that time for a total of 17 or more of the 19 initially targeted.

Previous Pct. 4 demolitions:

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