Montgomery County Precinct 4 Commissioner James Metts has been out since early afternoon with his sanding crew, which is being escorted by Constable Rowdy Hayden’s Deputies. In some areas, icing is so bad that sand is not working. Currently, Metts has closed the Millmac bridge in Cut and Shoot. Many others may soon also be closed. The bridge into Roman Forest was iced so heavily that police there spread some sand on it until Precinct 4 crews arrived to coat both of the bridge’s approaches. The North Montgomery County Fire Station in Cut and Shoot had to be sanded to allow Fire trucks to get out.  As of this posting, crews are headed to an MCHD ambulance station on FM 1314 that sits on a hill, making it impossible for an ambulance to get out, with the driveway iced over. Metts’ crews will be out all night or until it gets to a point where it is even too dangerous for the road crews.
Currently, in East Montgomery County, the sleet has started falling a lot heavier, as has the snow. Constable Hayden warns people to stay off the roads. Bridges are all iced and it is recommended to basically slow to a crawl before even approaching them. If you do begin to slide, avoid your brakes or pump them lightly,  shift to a lower gear and steer in the direction of the skid. 
TxDOT Crews are also out maintaining the State Highways and Farm Roads which fall under their jurisdiction.

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