EMC spends an evening with the candidates (with event videos)

Concerned Citizens of Montgomery hosted a candidates’ forum at the New Caney High School Auditorium Monday night, with Pct. 4 Constable Kenneth “Rowdy” Hayden as the emcee. The event drew a large and impassioned crowd, with some determined to keep incumbents in office and others who were equally convinced it was time for change.

Arguably, the biggest rivalry was between Pct. 4 incumbent Commissioner Ed Rinehart and his challenger for the second time in two elections, Monte Harris Lane. With their many supporters wearing t-shirts proclaiming their loyalties to one or the other as they shouted and cheered during the political forum, at times it seemed more like a sporting event.

Two other candidates, Hank Murray and Clarence Quinn, are also seeking Rinehart’s seat. However, Murray and Quinn’s supporters seemed few and far between by comparison to their competition.

Most of the candidates and supporters in the other races were more subdued, with Congressman Kevin Brady even pointing out that his young son was with him and joking to his competition that the boy’s presence should be a reason for them to “go easy” on him.

Watch video of the candidates posted below. Additional information will be posted later and another forum is scheduled for tonight, hosted by Montgomery County Republican Women at River Plantation Country Club.

Montgomery County Pct. 4 Commissioner
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US Congress
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9th Court of Appeals
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Montgomery County Judge
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221st District Court Judge
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District Clerk
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Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace
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County Court at Law 2 Judge
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Additional information will be posted later, including a schedule for the Montgomery County Republican Women’s Candidate Forum scheduled for Tuesday night at the River Plantation Country Club.

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  2. Oh Really

    Call to Action

    There are no other forums prior to the election. The Fire Chief forum on Wed 17th is not open to the public. Media may attend.

    The media is the only resource to produce the answers necessary for the voters to be informed.

    Despite all the evidence and testimony to the contrary, the Laniacs and Harrisites say “if there was anything to the child abuse story the papers and media would be all over it”.

    Here are the facts: The papers, CPS, and law enforcement were aware of the incident regarding child abuse by Monte Lane and the terrorist threats he was making on the other victims and their families. But, because it occurred after Lane had lost the 2006 election, Lane was no longer a public figure. So, as anyone who understands the media knows, media does not report CPS cases unless CPS makes the press release or law enforcement indicates that CPS was called to a scene of abandon children, or there is an arrest . This is done to protect the minor.

    Monte Lane has chosen to put himself back in the public square, where the allegations exist. When it involves a public figure, the press has a duty to investigate and help the public make an informed judgment. Especially when it involves a unproven entrant to an important office.

    That is the primary reason we hold the unabridged right to a free press in this country, so dear. All the other things the press does is to put stuff between the advertising. When they are called to duty, they have to respond as journalists. Based on testimony of witnesses and the conclusions that are drawn from the evidence. We need to hear the findings. They must hear a call to action, in this case.

    Some of the victims in the abuse case have been trying to warn the public about the abusive nature of Monte Lane. The Courier and Observer and Houston Press has not contacted them or Lane for comment.

    Some of those victims are still in fear for the safety of their children, but have the courage to report their story. They have identified themselves to the media and authorities.

    The allegation is that Monte Lane abuses children and makes terrorist threats.

    Lane is pushing out Laniacs and Harrisites to deny the abuse, and that he lied to CPS investigators and the Sheriffs office. That is not a denial by Lane himself that the incidents occurred. It is just Laniacs and Harrisites flapping their jaws and keyboards. When Monte Lane has been confronted he has become combative, abusive and belligerent.

    There are credible adults making the accusations, the accusations were in play long before Lane filed for office. There was not politics involved on the part of the accusers, they are not residents of the Pct.They were concerned for themselves and others and were reporting a crime at the time. They had reported the incidents to authorities at and about, the times that the acts were taking place, for concern about the children and from fear of the threats being fulfilled.

    Think about how many ways the county government touches the lives of children and families. Commissioners set the priorities of county government and law enforcement with their budget setting authority.

    Sun Light is the disinfectant of dirty little secrets. There are plenty of witnesses, school officials were involved, law enforcement, plenty of other individuals were present or saw the end result which support the facts and conclusions. The media needs the support and the demand from the public to know the facts to avoid the Lanaics and Harrisites accusation of media bias. They have been preemptively been making that charge, since their campaign began. The media needs to have AX requests to determine the demand for the story. This is an investigative reporters job. When you pick up the paper you need to know you are being told, what you need to know.

    The Concerned Citizens forum was a fabricated stunt created as a media diversion, “Hey…look over here, look over here… I’m the victim…over here”. When in fact the story was getting out that Lane was the victimizer, terrorizor and abuser. He stated that he feared for his life and cancelled appearance with the media for questions. Even though the Sheriff, Constable and many officers were present and no one else had concern.

    The media needs the support and the demand from the public to know the facts, to avoid the Lanaic and Harrisites accusation of media bias. Contact them, tell them, you want to know. Demand that they get all the facts. The victims and witnesses are still alive.

    The media have an obligation to ask the questions and supply those answers in context to the public with the proper analysis.

    The victims names are posted elsewhere and known to the media, they are redacted here ( XXXXXXXXXXX ) to avoid exposing minor children and potential rape victims.

    Monte “Harris” Lane:
    “Was XXXXXXXXXXX taken to CPS for fear of further injury by you.”

    “Did XXXXXXXXXXX report abuse by you to CPS?”

    “Did XXXXXXXXXXX receive medical attention for the injuries inflicted by you.”

    “Were your children removed from your custody by CPS.”

    “Did you threaten others involved with physical and moral harm.”

    “Did you tell CPS or Sheriffs investigators that XXXXXXXXXXX had been raped and beaten by someone other than yourself, in an attempt to deflect guilt and responsibility?”

    “Were the text messages made public on and and in the possession of the other victims and their family created and sent by ” XXXXXXXXXXX ?”

    “Will you; Monte Lane produce XXXXXXXXXXX , to answer questions regarding this case?”

    “What and how many children have you abused?”

    “What is your definition of abuse?”

    “What threats have you made against people, regarding the reporting of this case, journalists included.”

    “Have you fabricated false allegations against your opponent to deflect attention from this issue.”

    They know how to do their job, we just need to get them to do their job!

    From that reporting the voters can decide if the acts disqualify Monte Lane from office. The statutes of limitations are still in force for the alleged crimes. But, the court of public opinion is entitled to the verdict of the press. Demand they ask the questions and print the answers and print the statements of the other witnesses to the crimes.

    All it takes to get the answers about the person who holds himself out as qualified to judge his opponents, is the demand of the citizens upon the media to investigate.

    The Laniacs and Harrisites will go to any lengths to pressure the media not to investigate and make the information public. Members of the media have been threatened by Lane and told to back off and threatened directly by Monte Lane.

    As citizens it is your duty to insure that our press is free of that pressure and demand a response to the questions. Hold them to the public trust. Tell them to have courage of conviction.

    This is broadcasting in the blind, it can not be done alone. If you want to know whether Monte Harris Lane is qualified to hold the office that he seeks or disqualified by his acts. You have to demand that the media investigate and report the facts to the public.

    How much power do you want Monte Lane to acquire? How would he use it?

    Write a letter to the editor of the Courier and Observer.
    Send an email to the editors tell them you want them to cover this story as news. Uncover and report the facts. Forward this email to them add your outrage and voice.
    Courier [email protected]
    Call the Conroe Courier 936–521-3400
    Call the Observer at 281-446-4438
    [email protected]
    Montgomery County News
    [email protected]

    KHOU CBS 11
    [email protected]

    KTRK ABC13
    [email protected]

    KPRC NBC 2
    form @

    KRIV Fox 26
    (713) 479-2801
    form @

    Call and leave them a message or tell them this story is in the public interest. Monte “Harris” Lane wants to be a public person, hold high office in Montgomery County, He opens himself up to questions about his character. Demand the investigation before the polls open they have the talent and resources and the electronic means of delivery.

    Forward this message to your friends ask them, if they are concerned, to respond as well. The voice of many will speak volumes.

    Lane wants to hold himself out as sitting in judgment, He is in a public person who wants to be Commissioner of Pct 4, that is a responsibility that should not be bestowed lightly.

    Anything substantial in the way of information about this incident posted on news blogs, the Laniacs flag as abuse. If you read this, copy it and pass it on, and repost. when it comes down. If you have information about the case let it be known! Now.

    Follow the blogs on the Courier
    and Montgomery County Police Reporter

    Early voting starts Tuesday.. Go to the East County court house the Laniacs and Harrisites will be on the tailgate of a pickup truck in the parking lot. Ask them point blank. Then Vote.

    Make this email viral, send it to everyone who would be concerned and take action. If you have lists send it, if you know people who have lists send it to them and ask them to send it out!


  3. ccp

    And it just gets more and more interesting…just spoke with a very old friend of mine, says she saw Monte awhile back at the Cowboy Church drumming up census workers-then ran into him again at the census office where he asked her “did I get you a job here”?? Just how many jobs has ol’ Monte promised for votes?? Let’s talk about some “ethics violations”….although I guess when you have no ethics it’s hard to figure out what would violate the ethics of others now, isn’t it Monte?????

  4. ccp

    Was reading the Courier posts this morning and found this quite interesting:

    curiousin10 wrote on Feb 10, 2010 10:33 PM:

    ” Just curious since the subject of names has come about. Like you “Rock1″ I am curious as to Monte’s BIRTH NAME. Rumor has it (you know how rumors get started) that Monte and his brother are children of Frances Harris and her husband from the Mid East (I’m not talking Louisiana either) and that when their Pyramid scheme fell through out west momma moved back to cut n shoot and married Mr. Lane? Hmmmm??? I wonder if Mr. Lane was kind enough to adopt the two fellas or did they just go to the Clerk’s office and change their name (wasn’t Uncle Roy Harris the County Clerk then?) hmmm?? I know back at Conroe H.S. Monte went under Monte Harris Lane, says so in the 1990 yearbook, although he touts about being a graduate of Pct. 4. (New Caney? I don’t think so), just curious… Maybe he needs to look up the Pct. boundary lines since he wants to be the commissioner. Sounds like there’s more to the guy than we know and maybe should find out. Anybody game? Do we really want someone that lies to CPS and other officials to represent our county? Just curious… I double dog dare anyone to check into the whole name issue. Skeered say your skeered. ”

    Report Abuse

    Oh Really.. wrote on Feb 11, 2010 12:35 AM:

    ” curiousin10 you sayin

    Monte “Hussein” Lane


    Holy Crap Balloon Boy, I thought I had seen everything when I saw you had snuck in to commissioners court and had your picture taken in Ed Rineharts chair, for your facebook page:MONTE HARRIS LANE FOR COMMISSIONER

    But your just full of suprises aren’t you, Balloon Boy.
    Well now we know where your tendency toward blowing yourself up in public comes from. ”

    Report Abuse

    texasgurl wrote on Feb 11, 2010 8:32 AM:

    ” Did he really take a picture sitting in Ed’s chair? I have to see this picture. Is it on his facebook page?
    Did he lock Ed out of his office while he took the picture? Details please! ”

    Report Abuse

    roxib2 wrote on Feb 11, 2010 8:33 AM:

    ” Couriousin10 you don’t know how close to the truth you are…according to a member of Monte’s extended family his biological father is in fact from the middle east, was also abusive toward women and Monte and his brother or brothers were adopted by Francis’ 2nd husband…and I remember well when the incidents referred to occurred shortly after Monte lost his 1st bid for county commissioner in 2006-the Lanes at that time lived on Whipporwhill off Hwy 105 and drove their children into CC school district while fraudulently using a relatives address. What, didn’t like the idea of your kids attending Conroe-too many minorities there I would imagine!! The oldest Lane girl was taken out of school after her boyfriend kissed her on the cheek, and although parents are allowed to “home school” this is NOT why she was removed…after that is when the whole incident with CPS occurred and the family moved to Utah, supposedly for treatment of an illness…by the way, the Lanes are actually Mormons-hence the quick move to a Mormon state, and most likely the employment at Flying J which is owned by the Mormons…hey, maybe Monte is so determined to win this election so that the Mormons can get their sect firmly seated in this community…anybody watch Big Love??? Or maybe it’s his Muslim relatives who want a hold in our government here…things to make you say “hmmmm”…. ”

    Report Abuse

    Apparently alot of people out there really know what happened, I am not the only one…so paperwork has remarkably disappeared, and its my word against his…oh well, God knows the truth and so do alot of other citizens of this county! And I fabricated this whole story, with CPS workers names and all-for what?? What am I after all going to gain from this?? The Lane family did live off of 105 on Whiporwill at that time, my son was at their house numerous times so I guesss I know…and their children were out of district…again I have no concrete proof of this, so say what you will-but also ask yourselves what my motive to dream all this up could possibly be, I am not running for any kind of office and have never met any of Monte’s opponents..just believe in informed voting, and honesty…and Monte really is one to call the kettle “black” now, isn’t he???

  5. ccp

    Ya know, this is all really so sad…prior to my son dating his daughter Monte put on a really good front, holding little Santa bowls and such that my son played in for him; homecoming 2006 which was also my boy’s 16th birthday he went to a church dance with Brooke rather than to homecoming-a dance that Susan Lane picked my son up for-I have the picture of Brooke and my son together, she holding the dozen roses he bought her if anyone would like to see it! Months later however, when it was apparent that they were becoming much more than just friends Monte’s true colors began to show-and when Brooke ran away from home due to Monte’s aggression over the situation they truly came out! When my son told me, after Monte and Susan came to my home trying to find my son, that Brooke had in fact been gone all that weekend and he had taken her to her friends house I did what I thought was the responsible thing as a parent-I had him bring Brooke to my home, and I called the Lanes’-what a mistake! When Monte got back to my house that night he stormed in and slung Brooke out the door and began screaming at my child-a 16 year old boy at the time, I had my husband who was working out of state at the time on speaker phone so that he could hear…I should have called the police then, but I thought it best to stay out of it, after all a parent has a right to discipline their child and I’d have been angry if my child didn’t come home…after they left is when my son showed me all of Rachel’s text messages to him, telling Brooke to beware, that Monte was going to beat her and “tie her to a tree” when he found her, but that night I told my son then that surely she was exaggerating…the next day my son left school and when I called him he told me he had gone and picked Brooke up, that Monte had beat her up and he “had to go help her”-I told him then to take her to the CPS office in Conroe, which he did. I met them there, I was there when Mr. Hickey with Conroe CPS removed Brooke and placed her with Robin, Monte’s brother (a move I questioned at the time, not protecting her I thought), and I was there when officers from MCSO arrived and Brooke filed assault charges against her father…what an awful thing for a child to have to do!! I felt horrible at the time, like it was partly my fault that this assault happened to her-and make no mistake, this was NOT a spanking, this child was bruised, her eye black and a finger if not broken then seriously sprained…within a weeks time my son and I both received calls from Monte, Robin and a detective with MCSO-the statement was even made that if my son didn’t leave Brooke alone “he was going to wind up dead in a ditch”, my child was called numerous racial slurs that I cannot even print here-and the Lanes’ also had the audacity to go to the school to try and hurt my child there. Luckily the administrators and coaching staff at the school knew my son and myself enough to know the truth…back then I contacted the Courier, the MCSO and the Houston Press-to be quite honest I hate to even bring all this up again, I let it go back then because the Lane family moved away and I felt my son was safe, he moved on with his life and I suppose that Brooke moved on with hers-which is what I tried to tell these people would happen if they’d just leave these kids alone, most teenage relationships don’t last all that long as we all know! If Monte were not a rascist, capable of violence then none of this would ever have happened-I have struggled all my child’s life to teach him that he is as worthy of respect as anyone else so long as he earns it, that his color or ethnicity certainly don’t make him less than anyone else in this world-and he has excelled, and is a wonderful young man. Mind you that at the time that all this occurred he was a sophomore in high school, Nat’l Honor Society, a good student and a varsity football player, not some gang banger or little thug…What Monte Lane tried to take away from my son was his self-esteem, his sense of belonging and his civil rights-because Monte truly believes that he and his children are better than my child because of color…my whole point in bringing this shameful incident up is pointing out to voter’s of this county that they have the right to know the true moral values and beliefs of a public figure running for public office…I certainly do not want someone whose deep belief system is such as Monte’s representing me!! I have taught my son to stand up for what’s right, right’s right and wrong is wrong, and if no one stands up for right then where will we all be in this world?? I will come forward and stand up for what’s right, I will address Monte and all his family any day, any time and anywhere-call me a liar to my face!! I don’t know how the police report has “disappeared”, or how Uncle Roy was able to make it go away-but truth is truth, I have absolutely nothing to gain from this, and would really rather it had all been left in the past…however my values and beliefs will not allow me to sit silently by while Monte once again attempts to portray himself to the voters of this county as something so very far from what he truly is…Monte will stoop to anything to try and win, just as he was willing to go to any length to try and ruin a 16 year old boy, as evidenced by his daughter’s statement in an email below written while he had the family in Utah:

    Friday, August 31, 2007 5:46 PM
    From: This sender is DomainKeys verified”brooke lane” View contact details
    brooke lane wrote:
    HEY BOO!! omg I miss u so much, like you have no idea, Well I found out why mr. Hickey wouldnt let me talk to you when I was livin with Robin and them. cuz my parents told mr. Hickey that you got drugs from your sister and drugged me and then you beat me and raped me and all this ya ne wayz I just thought that you should kno that.well my mom is gone right now with my bro and my dads at work so its just us gurls here so I can get on and write you. Kamis tellin tha truth now too so ya now I just have to get Josh but I dunno how he will be, Im scared to ask him. I kno hes been gettin really mad at my dad alot tho so ya. I met with this guy the other day and he called my cps guy and laurens dad so now evrything is in process. my grandma said she would fly us down there to live with her but they just have to get evrything worked out so im just waiting. but n e wayz enough bout that I just had 2 fill u in on tha latest. anyway, I love you and miss u so much and I cant wait to get to see you. HOPEFULLY SOON! I think I get on rachels nerves always askin to use her fone to call you but I dont really care what she thinks. I dont kno when I’ll be able to get on next but I will asap. I LOVE YOU BUNCHES AND GOOD LUCK IN FOOTBALL! I kno ur tha best!!!!!!!

    Now don’t you believe that if any of the trash that Monte told the CPS worker had even an iota of truth to it that charges would have been filed?? I only offer the email above as proof by Monte’s own child that CPS was involved, both here and there-someone dropped the ball however…

    Melanie-I guess it’s honorable that you’re willing to stick up for your brother, I suppose in a way I can respect that-however, you are not too lilly-white in this situation yourself, you know what happened and you choose to lie and paint your brother in a light that’s soooo far from the truth. I don’t know you, nor do I really care to, and I’m willing to accept that perhaps you don’t share your brother’s bigotry, hey that’s possible…but don’t get on here and lie to try and cover the truth for him, you really should just remain silent if you also are incapable of being honest. For those of you who don’t know, Monte’s children are Brooke, Rachel, Kami and Josh…they all know the truth, and I pray for them that their father learned his lesson and is a more reasonable parent these days. I believe in God and in my country and in the right of parents to make decisions concerning their children-but there is a line that Monte crossed, both in disciplining his own child and in violating the civil rights of mine. So Melanie you cried out for truth and honesty…you got it hon! I am still trying to figure out what your working for an apartment complex has to do with anything that’s been mentioned here-fact is that however it was accomplished, whether by moving out of state for awhile or thru ol’ Uncle Roy (& who is this old man anyway?) Monte wasn’t arrested on the assault charges that Brooke filed against him (altho there must be a police report somewhere, or did that magically disappear??) and CPS records on minor children are sealed…so all I can offer at this point in time is my word, my memory of what truly occurred, a few names and some emails…is it enough to maybe make the voters who care about such things reconsider and perhaps dig a little deeper prior to casting their votes? I don’t know, and please all be assured that my intention really hasn’t been to hurt the Lane children-I really believe their parent has done plenty of that, and continues to do so by involving them in his run for office….but to speak out for truth and justice, for honor and rights…I am a voter in this county though not in Pct 4, so truly have nothing to win or lose here, but my character will not allow me to sit idly by and allow Monte and his family to try and fool the public, to lie and disgrace the citizens he is so desperately trying to represent…it’s up to the voters of Pct 4 really to delve into this, to decide if they want someone of Monte’s character representing them…as I said truth is truth, and it all comes to light eventually!
    And really East County, if you’re willing to vote for this clown ya might as well have left Bishop in office too!!

  6. BBSPL

    CCP….you may want to go research that bullcrap you posted….The Lanes were and still are very much involved at SYBA…If charges had been filed against him, he would not be allowed to step one foot in the ballpark!!! So try again!!!

  7. Rachel Lane

    TEC Notice of Complaint – Ed Rinehart – Precinct 4 Commissioner
    Posted on 20 October 2009. Tags: Campaign Finance Reports, Commissioner, East County, Rinehart, TEC

    The file below contains a Notice of Complaint from the Texas Ethics Commission to Ed Rinehart, Montgomery County Precinct 4 Commissioner.

    The complaint alleges Mr. Rinehart violated certain campaign finance statutes. Some of the alleged infractions include failing to properly report, total political contributions, total political expenditures, outstanding loan totals and the payees of political expenditures. In addition the complaint alleges Mr. Rinehart accepted political contributions from corporations and converted political contributions to personal use.

  8. BBL

    I remembered when this happened. I do believe they pulled the daughter out of public school to try to keep her from seeing this friend. I had heard that dad ruffed her up pretty good and the mom stepped in and tried to stop it. So sad when it was probably just puppy love. Was this when Monte was running for commissioner the first time or it happened right after the election. I don’t think Monte dose too good under pressure.

  9. Rachel Lane

    First of all, I am Monte Lanes daughter. I want to address the comment made by ccp. This is an outright LIE. None of the four of us kids has ever been abused in any manner. My sister was never removed from the home, and that is not the reason we went to Utah. I am so sick of the attempts to attack our families personal life because of the fact that Mr.Ed reinhart has failed his community, and is scared that he will lose the election because people are tired of his unkept promises to them. The reason that my family moved to Utah is to save my little sister Kami’s life. She was diagnosed with a blood disorder that is a form of lukemia, and primary childrens hospital in Utah has the highest survival rate for her condition. The fact that people would stoop as low as to make up outright lies against our family is infuriating, and frankly it disgusts me. My dad is a wonderful father, and is certainly not abusive or a racist. And if you want to talk about being informed,No one who wants the best for their community would support such an individul as Mr. Ed Reinhart. He has had numerous charges filed against him. Just to list a few of them… sexual harassment, and ethics violation. And his family is no better, his daughter assaulted a police officer when they were called to here home, and threw a brick through a local attourneys wiondow in broad daylight on the courthouse square. His son has assault charges filed against him right now for purposly, and intentionaly slaming into me and sending me into a row of chairs at that same forum, for which we have witnesses.( talk about wanting certain types of people running your county government?) I wouldn’t trust him to make sure my toilet was running. The fact that you don’t even put your name on your comment obviously suggest that you are ashamed of the lies you are telling. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.

  10. Lstewart320

    The above comment failed to mention the Rinehart’s son pushed Lane’s daughter out of the way last night and knocked her down for a seat – Question is do we want a man who teaches his son to push women out of his way becasue he wants what they have? sounds to me like he’s teaching his son that abusing women is ok. Dont know about you guys but I don’t think thats acceptable.

  11. ccp

    To all those of you who intend to vote for the County Commissioner seat-please be informed on your candidates, and take a long look at Monte Lane-in 2007 Mr. Lane assaulted his then 14 year old daughter, after which she was removed from his home by CPS after she filed assault charges against him. Mr. Lane then moved his family to Utah to avoid subsequent inquiry and possible arrest…be informed voters, and be aware that this man is violent, and an extreme rascist-the assault against his daughter occurred in response to her dating a biracial friend from Caney Creek high school…I’m just saying is this really the type of person you want running your county government?????

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