EMCID recognizes excellence in law enforcement

The East Montgomery County Improvement District honored 11 area peace officers on March 9 at their annual
Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner.
The honorees were selected as officer(s) of the year 2008 by their divisions, agencies, or cities
for their diligence and service to their communities.



  The following is a list of the recipients, their respective agencies, and the description provided by the entities that
nominated them for the award, listing some of the many attributes and actions that make each honoree
an outstanding member of law enforcement and an asset to East Montgomery County:

Texas Department of Public Safety
Trooper II Terry Barnhill

On the evening of August 30th 2008, Trooper II Barnhill responded to a motor vehicle crash involving a motorcycle on Loop 494 in New Caney. As he and other Troopers neared the scene they were notified that the rider of the motorcycle had succumbed from his injuries and the vehicle who struck him had fled the scene. After processing the scene, the search began for the driver who fled. Over the next 36 hours, Trooper Barnhill interviewed numerous witnesses, ran into more than one dead end and established several leads through excellent police work. Thirty-six hours into the case, he apprehended the driver of the fleeing vehicle. During the subsequent interview, he obtained information leading him to where the vehicle was concealed and ultimately securing crucial evidence. Trooper Barnhill’s tenacity, experience, and dedication lead to vindication for a grieving family and another criminal off the streets of our community

Texas Department of Public Safety
Trooper Andrew Papanos

Trooper Papanos has worked in the East Montgomery County area for a little over a year. During this time, his work ethic has made a substantial difference in the lives of the citizens in the area. Over the last year, he stopped over twenty-six hundred vehicles for a wide variety of traffic violations. During these stops, Trooper Papanos was able to identify forty-six intoxicated drivers who, if not apprehended, would have surely led to the loss of life and property of the innocent motoring public. His keen attention to detail led to the discovery of over two hundred criminals engaged in illegal activities from stolen vehicles to distribution of narcotics. In his short tenure, Trooper Papanos has made a substantial positive impact on the community making it safer for all residents.

Texas Department of Public Safety
Trooper Brian Ihnen

Trooper Brian Ihnen has patrolled the East Montgomery County area for approximately four years. During 2008, he was tasked with training two other Troopers who recently graduated the DPS Academy, which took six months.
When not training, investigating motor vehicle crashes, and performing traffic enforcement duties, Trooper Ihnen has taken a special interest in locating and apprehending drug smugglers that prey upon our community. Last year, he seized 729 grams of Cocaine, approximately 500 grams of illegal prescription medication and 11,588 grams of Hydrocodone with a total value of $250,000.
His ability to detect criminal activity has led to him being called upon by other agencies and fellow Troopers to aid in their efforts. With what seems to

Montgomery County Constable, Precinct 4
Deputy Josh Bergland

Deputy Josh Bergland started in 2006 volunteering as a non-paid officer. During this time, he worked with other officers and learned all he could about the service of civil papers and about the criminal side of the Constable’s office.
He was hired in 2007 as a full time Deputy. Since that time, he has shown a lot of potential and has done outstanding work in both the service of his civil papers and in the pursuit of criminals on the street. He arrested fifty-four criminals in 2008 alone, ranging in charges from possession of illegal substances to the theft of copper. During Hurricane Ike, he went above and beyond his job to help those in need. He was able to get food and ice to help those less fortunate through his contacts at Food Fair Grocery. He worked far beyond his shift to make sure a woman with three small children had food for her babies to eat. With Deputy Berglands’ help, many people had food to eat during the hurricane.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department
Detective Todd Roger Hoff

Detective Hoff has served the residents of EMC as a Patrol Deputy and a Detective since July of 2002. His dedication to the citizens is unparalleled. He and his family are also residents of EMC. His dedication comes from his desire to make EMC as fine a place as possible to raise families including his own. He will take on any assignment and is willing to work long hours to conclude his investigations in a successful manner. He has had opportunities to leave the area and work in other Districts, but has chosen to remain in the area providing his services to the residents. His supervisor, Sergeant John Sanchez believes that Detective Hoff has proven his dedication to the residents of EMC and is deserving of recognition.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department
Deputy Kevin Pickerill

Deputy Pickerill was assigned to the day shift and provided the citizens of EMC with a sincere and steadfast dedication to his job. He has served the East County area for over eight years. Being the veteran that he is, he pursued cases past the patrol norm. In 2008, he patrolled over 19,000 miles. He ran 1,245 calls and completed over 280 reports and made numerous arrests including the capture of four burglars in the act on different cases he worked on. He has been instrumental in helping solve cases and recovering property which have led to numerous arrests. He has proven himself time and again to be deserving of this outstanding honor. Though, there was really no particular arrest or act of heroism that made Deputy Pickerill stand out, his enthusiasm, his professionalism and his interpersonal skills with his co-workers and this community made him a stand out among his peers.

City of Patton Village Police Department
Assistant Chief Lela M. Sharpe

Assistant Chief Sharpe joined the Patton Village Police Department in 2003. Before that, she had a successful career with NASA as Captain over their JSC Security Department. She had also previously worked as Assistant Chief with Woodbranch Police Department. She joined Patton Village in the Detective Division, specializing in Family Violence cases and other Family Related Crime. She also showed talent in the Grant Writing area and wrote our first Victim Liaison Program grant. She has worked diligently in the Victim Program.
She provides victim services for, not only Patton Village, but most areas in EMC. She is currently the only Victim Liaison in EMC. In 2004, she was appointed Assistant Chief. Since taking on that position, she has helped the Chief manage and operate the Patton Village Police Department.
She oversees the day to day operations of the department, manages scheduling that the Chief provides, handles general and specialized investigative work, coordinates and provides for training for all members of the department and is still the Victim Liaison. In 2008, she was directly responsible for the successful conclusion to 268 active investigations, resulting in recovery of property, arrest of suspects and victim aid. In addition to her Law Enforcement duties, she assists the Mayor of Patton Village with grant writing and work that has benefited the entire city on a much larger scale. Her dedication to the City, Law Enforcement in general and her compassion for the citizens she serves is above and beyond the oath of her office.

City of Roman Forest Police Department
Officer Adolph (Beau) Boudreaux

Officer Boudreaux is a multi-tasked officer who has been assigned many different types of assignments. He is also the Warrants Officer and his performance and dedication to the Police Department goes beyond approach. He has been very instrumental in the apprehension of several known wanted criminals in East Montgomery County. During Hurricane Ike, Officer Boudreaux worked with the citizens helping them in their time of need. He worked beyond his limitations to keep any criminal elements from preying on the unattended homes of those who were unable to live in their homes due to the destruction.
He has excelled in his Law Enforcement duties and has attended many schools to enhance his Law Enforcement career.

Splendora ISD Police Department
Officer Wayne Tucker

Officer Tucker is not being recognized for any one incident but for everything that he does for the students at Splendora ISD. He is assigned to Splendora High School for safety and security. Officer Tucker came to Splendora ISD Pole as a part time employee and went full time in 2006. He has a long history in Law Enforcement spanning some 25 plus years. He is a Policeman’s policeman. Having experience in all facets of Law Enforcement makes working with the students and staff easy for him where others would find it very difficult. His dedication and caring of the students makes his nomination very easy. His overall performance in his everyday duties and professionalism is what makes him Officer of the Year for Splendora ISD.

City of Splendora Police Department
Chief Alexander G. Hadrych

Chief Hadrych has been outstanding in his duties as Police Chief and the undertaking of the day to day operations of the Police Department. Some of the qualities that he possesses are the outstanding leadership and integrity as he serves the citizens and the City. He puts in long hours without any hesitation which only magnifies his integrity and character. He respects the oath and the authority as he has demonstrated beyond the badge. In every aspect of his job, he shows the quality of his leadership and his integrity. He has also gone to every step possible to find and locate equipment for his men to help them serve the City and the citizens the best they can

City of Woodbranch Police Department
Corporal Rocky Anderson

From the moment of Corporal Anderson’s arrival, he has shown 100% dedication to the job. During the 2008 year, he has made 27 Class C arrests and 26 Class B and above arrests. During 2008, he has become the field training officer and has been very successful in training the new hires. Corporal Anderson has taken it upon himself to take 128 hours of TCLEOSE courses which is much more than what is required.

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