A Town Hall Meeting has been announced for tonight at the East Montgomery County Improvement District Office on Community Drive and US 59. The topic will be the future of the Dinosaur Park.  The meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m.

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  1. texaswc

    From everything I have read, I believe the “developers” for the park were running a scam … considering they told 2 different cities the same thing and some, it was found out, had no clue they were “considered” as they had never been approached as claimed by the developer…pure scam if you ask me…

  2. Swatz

    Every news article I’ve read said this is overbudget and pretty much a no go.

    I’ve had high hopes, the money this was going to generate for the area, as well ad the improvements sounded wonderful.

    So far if looks like we just ran up a big ticket for the tax payers, and its not going to happen.

    I’ll be there if I get off work on time.

  3. wlwright

    Thirty years ago, the rumor was that Disney was giong to build something in the area. The dino park is just another rumor.

  4. jeannadan

    It is kids park that will teach them about them and they have fun.suprised u havent heard about it. It been going on for bout 3 yrs now.

  5. liltahazel

    I think it is about time something comes in to Houston for the family to do. Astroworld was and still is being missed by many. Bring it on!!!!!!!! It will bring many years of jobs and family fun….

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