Escapee gets death

CENTERVILLE – On the same day TDC escapee Arcade Comeaux held discussions with community activist Quanell X and State Senator John Whitmire regarding what many consider a security crisis in Texas prisons, another escapee learned his fate for his actions.

Jerry Duane Martin, 39, was one of two men who escaped from the Wynne Unit in Huntsville in September 2007 while on a work detail. Martin and fellow inmate John Ray Falk stole a truck and used it to strike and TDC guard Susan Canfield of New Waverly, who was on horseback. Canfield was killed and her horse had to be euthanized.

Like Comeaux, both men were serving life sentences. Falk was a convicted murderer and Martin had an attempted murder conviction. Unlike Comeaux, who was at large for a week, Martin and Falk were recaptured within hours.

On Tuesday, A Leon County jury sentenced Martin to death. Falk is awaiting trial.

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