Sunday afternoon Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables responded to the Walmart Store for a theft. Once there they learned that Terry Beal attempted to remove the second television from the store with a receipt from one purchased earlier. He had been detained but then started to resist officers. He was finally cuffed but complained his back was hurting. He was transported to Kingwood Medical Center to be checked. He was then taken to Precinct 4 Office for booking. As the deputy was about to transport Beal to the Montgomery County Jail in Conroe he fled. He ran across US 59 barefoot and into the woods. A search was done with multiple law enforcement officers and K-9’s but he wasn’t located. Several hours later deputies went to his home and arrested him out of his bed. Beal thought it was funny until he realized that he had been arrested in the first place for only misdemeanor theft and resisting. He now faces felony escape. Enroute to the county jail, again barefoot, he attempted to kick the back window out of the patrol car. Bal is well known to law enforcement. In 1991 Montgomery County Judge Hamilton sentenced Beal to 35 years in prison. He was paroled on January 26. 2016 and is still on parole until 2029.
1991-Burglary of a building- 3 cases
1994-DWI 2nd

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