escapee update

PRIVATTE,BRITTCHADVURNThere have been no new sightings of the escapee from the Montgomery County Jail since Monday night. At this point most resources have scaled back and Detectives and Texas Rangers are working on other leads and possible locations outside the Montgomery County area.

A search does continue of the area of South Loop 336 and the Interstate 45 area.

Law enforcement officials urge the public to continue using caution and to report any suspicious activity or suspects to 911 immediately.

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  1. bobbyd

    I heard a VERY disturbing report about this matter.
    One of the news broadcast stated: “The search will continue UNTIL the subject is caught”
    I just can’t understand the rational of this process!
    Maybe if they stopped chasing/looking for him,maybe he could be struck by a DRUNK driver!!

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