The families spoke out after the trial telling of their loved ones and their feeling of the trial. The video ends as Baukus is loaded onto the jail van to her trip to the Montgomery County Jail.


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  1. MoPiDo

    Blaming the victims even after the defendant admitted guilt? Wow. Here’s hoping you have an opportunity to put your ninja-like reflexes to use with a semi crossing lanes next time you’re on your way to pick up your government subsidized block of cheese. And just to show I’m not entirely callous, I’ll keep the semi driver in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Joey52590

    Stupid if you ask me id like to know what those dead girls were doing…im sorry what were THEY doing out at that hour and were THEY under something because HELLO theres how many lanes…u see a car headed RIGHT for u and u dont move…….so SOMEONE was NOT paying attention! This state is corrupt this will never bring them back and that one that lived is ungrateful GET OVER YOURSELF!!! i cant be a dancer no more it dont look right….GET ON UR KNEES AND KISS THE GROUND AND THANK GOD UR STILL ALIVE!!!!!! Judge says he wont stack it to the jury he lied!!!!!!! this state is CORRUPT! Rude rich snobby woodlands woman who think they are so smart!!!! Locking her up yes for that amount of time…>WOW by the time she gets out she will have nothing mid as well kill her NOTHING in that prison will help her NOTHING!!!!!!!!! I hope you all got what u wanted and i hope you all can sleep well at night!!!!!! You took another life!!! Instead of helping one whos never had a real guide you instead took another life…how bible loving are you!!! Bunch of people hold the bible and all that you preach becomes poison!

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