June 30, 2022 9:41 pm



Shortly after 1pm MCHD, Montgomery County Fire Department, Grimes County EMS along with DPS and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to a three-vehicle accident on SH 105 at Mount Miriah Road.

According to DPS Trooper Charles Williams, 22-year-old Alison May Telthorster of Anderson was eastbound on SH 105. Witnesses said she seemed to be attempting to retrieve something off the passenger side of her 2005 Honda Civic as she kept leaning over and appeared to be swaying in the lane some.

As she approached the intersection she did not see the Dodge Ram flatbed stopped in her lane waiting to turn left. She ran up under the Dodge raising it and pushing it into the westbound lane. Vernon Wayne Imhoff, 59, the driver of the pickup was then struck head-on by Kari Noey, 38 also of Anderson. Kari, driving a 2006 Peterbilt 18-wheeler with a dump bed which was owned by Yancy Transportation of Conroe.  This second impact tore the hood off the pickup throwing the Dodge into the eastbound lane.

The 18-wheeler leaving several hundred feet of skid marks crossed the eastbound lanes, climbed an embankment, struck a fence just missing a stand of pine trees. The 18-wheeler driver was uninjured. The driver of the Dodge truck was taken to Navasota Hospital by Grimes County EMS  in stable condition and released several hours later.

Justice of the Peace Lanny  Moriarty ordered the body of Telthorster sent to the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office for autopsy.



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