fatal accident in south county

11:55 A.M.-Just after 9 a.m. this morning a 49-year-old female was westbound in the 29600 block Robinson Road when she left the roadway for an unknown reason, crashing through a fence. The vehicle came to rest in the rear of a home on Camden Village in the Imperial Lakes Subdivision  South Montgomery County Fire Department and MCHD arrived on the scene with the victim entrapped. When they were able to gain access through the drivers door, the female was in traumatic arrest.  She was pronounced dead on the scene. DPS assisted by Precinct 3 Constables reopened Robinson Road just after noon..

As DPS attempts to locate next of kin for notification they ask that anyone who may have witnessed this crash to contact DPS.


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  1. wlwright

    Entrapped means they cannot easily access the accident victim(s). EMS and Fire Dept personnel can open any vehicle with thier tools and equipment. The victim comes first.
    It is appearant that the doors were locked, they broke a $200 window and manually unlocked the door, or perhaps pried it open. Fire fighters LOVE obstacles. They live for that. And saving lives.

  2. Swatz

    Well I guess I don’t know their exact definition of entrapment. Many new cars lock the doors when you crank them, or put them in drive. If that simply means that they couldn’t open a door and get to her, then maybe it just meant the doors were locked. If she has a heart attack and ran off the road, and wasn’t conscious, wouldn’t that mean she was trapped in the vehicle, from their point of view.

    I assume EMS/police have to have a word for, I had to break a window to get her out, or some reason they damage property further, to save a life.

    Shame she died, it doesn’t look like enough damage to have killed her. I’m left to assume it was a condition that probably caused the wreck that killed her.

  3. copeland

    The Door locks could have been disabled in the lock position?Electrical/computer system down?
    Sorry for this poor woman’s passing, thankful the occupants of the home were not injured!

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