Delores “Renea” Goodfellow, age 34 was killed in a single vehicle accident close to 3am this morning. Ms. Goodfellow was northbound on Gosling near Flintridge when her vehicle ran off the road, hit a concrete light pole and slid sideways into a pine tree killing her instantly.
Woodlands Fire Department who also responded had to remove the roof of the Explorer to free Ms. Goodfellow.
Gosling was closed until 6:30am as DPS Troopers investigated the scene.


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  1. jljk4

    tamsterali, all respect is taken for the person(s) involved in the wreck. This is not a gore file. It was done tastefully and in a manner that takes into account that a family member may see the accident pictures and video. I would believe that many people can learn from others both in life and in death. Unfortunately this lesson is in death. I know many people that resort to actual accident pictures and videos for educational reasons.

  2. friend

    I’m sorry tamsterali i completely agree with Scott Engle. I knew Rena and her family also and I believe she would want others including her children to learn from her mistake.

  3. tamsterali

    This beautiful woman has a family with Children WHO ARE OLD ENOUGH to search the web. It is an absolute shame that we are so desperate for news that someone ACTUALLY watched as this mother, daughter, friend was removed from the scene and then have the gumption to post this. Please, out of respect to the family, remove this article.

    1. Scott Engle

      There is no video of this woman leaving the scene. It is not our policy to show any bodies on fatal or what could be a fatal accident scene. As far as the scene itself, alcohol was a factor per DPS and being so maybe others will think before drinking and driving. I am sorry for your loss.

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