North Montgomery County Fire Department and MCHD were dispatched to a reported motorcycle striking a pickup truck and the victim trapped under the truck. They arrived shortly after the 1:30pm accident to find Chiristopher Alldaffer, age 31 of Conroe deceased under the pickup. The driver of the truck Sergio Castro was transported to Conroe Regional Hospital with a leg injury.

According to DPS Sgt. Barnhill witnesses stated that the driver of the 1996 Ford F-150 was northbound on Rose Road just before County Line Road when he pulled off the side of the road and started to make a u-turn.

It was at that moment that The driver of the 2002 Suzuki motorcycle approached the small crest on the hill at an extremely high rate of speed. He was also witnessed popping wheelies.  When he spotted the truck he hit his brakes laying the bike on it’s side. He at that point was physically on the ground sliding. His body struck the drivers door of the pickup injuring the pickup driver and killing Alldaffer.

The motorcycle then struck the rear of the pickup and continued northbound on Rose Road in the ditch, striking the barbed wire fence, penetrating it and coming to rest in the pasture almost one hundred fifty feet past the truck.

DPS ran several speed tests to determine if the motorcycle operator could actually see the truck or the driver seeing the motorcycle due to the slight elevation change.

No charges have been filed at this time.

Judge Moriarty  ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the body to the forensic center in Dallas for an autopsy.


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  1. SSargent

    Thanks for posting, I was wondering what had happened when I got stuck in this once, and then 2 hours later, again.
    I have a question though – I have been going the posted speed before and nearly hit someone doing the same thing (u-turn just over a hill). Did the driver of the truck get sited too? Seems he is at least somewhat at fault.
    Of course, I don’t recall seeing any no u-turn signs either…..

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