At 2:56 a.m. multiple calls started coming in to the 911 Call Center reporting an apartment fire at Cimarron Park  Apartments located at 2201 Montgomery Park Drive. Additional calls reported someone was trapped.

Conroe Police were first to arrive on the scene . Two officers learned from a resident that the elderly female occupant was seen at the bedroom window just before an explosion. The officers were able to break out that window and locate the female at that location. They pulled her out and started CPR. MCHD was also en-route and continued life saving measures  as fire fighters battled the blaze. The medics were unsuccessful.

Firefighters quickly brought the blaze under control and limited the damage to two other apartments to external damage only. There was also some smoke damage to the units above the apartment. One resident woke to what sounded like an explosion and saw the living room in flames. Several residents attempted to use fire extinguishers but the fire was too large.

Conroe Fire Marshal’s were on the scene past dawn investigation the cause which is still unknown. They say a small dog also died in the fire and a cat is missing but believed to have escaped the apartment.

The elderly female who did have several medical conditions did have both oxygen bottles and an oxygen generator in the apartment.







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