At 11:12 pm Thursday MCHD responded with Magnolia and Needham Fire Departments to a major accident on FM 1488 between Old Conroe and Bridlewood Drive. MCHD arrived on the scene first they found a Jaguar flipped on its side, but were unable to get to the driver, who was partially trapped beneath vehicle. The fire department quickly shored up the vehicle allowing medic access to the victim. The driver and only occupant of the vehicle was pronounced dead on the scene.

The driver of a second vehicle, a Toyota Camry was not injured.

According to DPS, Jordan Drew Hebert was eastbound on FM 1488 in the right lane. As he crossed though the intersection he was sideswiped by a 2010 Jaguar traveling at an extremely high rate of speed. The Jaguar then went into a side skid, sliding over two-hundred yards before hitting the ditch on the westbound lanes. The Jaguar then traveled through the ditch, ripping out a fence and gate, and became airborne before landing in a rock yard owned by A&A Stone and Masonry. Just before the Jaguar came to rest on it’s side it struck a pallet of large rocks, crushing them.

The driver of the Jaguar has not been identified as of yet pending notification  of next of kin.



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  1. Kellym

    Hello. For those of you quick to judge a victim of a horrific accident, mind numbing to many family members and long time former classmates of MacArthur High School in San Antonio, please take into account your words are only conjecture. Quick to judge. This was a popular man loved by hundreds. Though your points are granted think about family members reading judgements made against you when you don’t have all the facts. Regardless, another life lost. Choose your thoughts carefully, with all do respect to your opinions. We are reading these and the loss alone is painful. Reading strangers comments with no connections lacking respect for our dead makes the loss much worse. Thanks, be safe.

  2. kmock3

    We live right there. Heard it and thought it was just someone being stupid on the road again. Extremely loud sad to know this is what happened.

  3. spk

    I’d like a follow-up on this to see why the person was going so fast and if he was high or drunk or just crazy, if it was a young person, etc. Very curious on this one.

  4. str8honesty

    WOW-too bad this type of thing is becoming the new “norm”. I affirmly believe that most of these could be prevented by more proactive policing and believe me FM 1488 is well known for this aggressive type of driving habits-either take away the speed limit or enforce it properly

  5. texasmomof2

    Oh my gosh!! Seeing such horrific photos of this wreck and knowing there was a second vehicle involved that made it out with very little!! Can’t imagine what kind of speed the Jag had to be traveling at to do as much damage as it did. Such a sad story. I’ll be praying for both families.

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