Just before 8 p.m. Conroe Police were dispatched to a major accident in the intersection of FM 3083 and Airport Road. When they arrived on the scene they found a 2011 Chevrolet Z-71 pickup pulling a landscape trailer and had been southbound on airport Road with heavy left side damage.

A Ford F-250 which had been westbound on FM 3083 had struck the Chevrolet in the drivers door.

The driver of the Chevrolet, identified as Bernardo Campuzano, 30, of Conroe was dead on the scene. Two of his passengers fled the scene, one was captured a short distance away while the other made it to Humble Tank Road where he was transported to the hospital from for injuries received.

The left rear passenger was flown by PHI Air Medical in critical condition to Hermann Hospital in Houston.

According to witnesses the Z-71 ran the red light and was struck by the Ford driven by Anthony Floyd, 27, of Conroe. Floyd was uninjured.

Conroe Police believe alcohol was involved on the driver of the Chevrolet.

Judge Spikes ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport  Campuzano to the Montgomery County Forensic Center by Eickenhorst Funeral Directors.

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  1. spk

    conroetx pretty much sums up the dilemma we are in–the businesses profit by hiring illegal immigrants at very cheap wages and the rest of us pay for out the nose for their subsistence. The very people who complain about them are the ones profiting by them (hiring them to do their yards, their houses, etc). I like conroetx’s comment about doing your own yard and getting your fake nails dirty! We have let our country get like this, so we have to deal with the consequences.

  2. s.l.e.

    The driver who died lived right around the corner from me. He might have been an illegal, I do not know. But I do know that he has 3 little children and the mother cannot even speak English. It is sad no matter his status. I think illegal immigration is wrong. So do not take my viewpoint the wrong way. I just see this in a more personal way and I see 3 little kids without their daddy. Its just sad to me.

  3. Bear

    Dang straight I think ALL OF THEM are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Why else would ALL his passengers RUN AWAY before the cops arrived.

  4. Ginya53

    It’s just a known fact that Illegal Alien’s cause wrecks or whatever and then run so they don’t get picked up! They may not have know they KILLED anyone, they were just getting out of Dodge quick!

  5. conroetx

    Yes mow ur own yard, clean your own house, don’t go out to eat, cause illegal aliens will be the one cooking the food, serving you, etc. Don’t have your car washed, don’t take your clothes to the cleaners, don’t, don’t, don’t!
    Just stay in ur house!
    Get to workin a little harder smarty pants!!
    If you would just work a little harder, just maybe your jobs would not be taken away! They ain’t mad @ you, cause your jelous cause you can’t handle the job…..!
    Can’t handle getting your polished nails dirty?!!!! Thought so!

  6. Mr. Smartypants

    A couple of these “commentors” should look up the facts on how much illegal aliens are costing everyone. For starters, ask anyone in law enforcement. Do a little research on how many “free births” are handed out to undocumented (you like that term better?) people in Houston hospitals. Your screen names hide your identity but not your lack of knowledge. Also, spare me the adolescent texting style of writing, and do like me – mow your own yard.

  7. LocalDrifter

    Funny how some peoples intellectual development never matured beyond the 6th grade where they sat quietly and scribbled on restroom partitions while the best part of their brain dropped into the water beneath them.

  8. scratchnmyhead

    Bear, what right do you have to assume that a Hispanic surname equals an “illegal alien”? I wonder what your real last name might lead people to falsely assume about you! We all had to come from somewhere.

  9. conroetx

    Well Bear, would u rather them be treated by American tax dollars, while working their asses off, AND SAVE U MONEY, or would you rather them get treated with american dollars, while they sit @ home doing nothing?
    Keep talking…….next thing you know you’ll be paying big bucks for someone to cut your yard and clean ur house…..
    Don’t hate, appreciate!
    Hey…how do u know they r illegal aliens?
    Where is the pics of the bear cans, usually they r posted?

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