Shortly after 7:30 p.m. Robert Benjamin Wallace, 27, of Ferne Leaf Drive left a friends home on Ferne Drive where he had been drinking. As he got to the ninety degree turn he ran off the road and into the trees. Several friends assisted in pulling hi out and advised him to go directly home.

Wallace left at a high rate of speed toward FM 1314 and within seconds his friends heard a crash. When they got to the intersection of Ferne and Velma they found Wallaces 2007 Ford F-150 had traveled through the ditch, struck a stop sign and continued across Velma Lane where he struck a telephone junction box and then a large tree. The truck struck the tree with such force that it bent the frame and moved the cab almost three feet to one side.

New Caney Fire Department arrived on the scene along with MCHD. Wallace was pronounced dead at 7:47 p.m.

Judge James Mett’s responded to the location at the request of DPS and ordered Metcalf Funeral Directors to transport Wallace to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

DPS Troopers investigated the crash, the road was reopened just before 10:30 p.m.


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  1. maworthy05

    I pray for the family and friends of this guy. The friends will have to live the rest of their lives with guilt and regrets. It sucks when ppl make stupid decisions, and the repercussions are permanent. I just hope he was right with God.

  2. Afton903

    #1 THIS about BEN, not a baby that’s not even FOR SURE his so disregard that until D-N-A, from his words disliked his so called ‘girlfriend’. He has a WIFE, whom he loved and cared for dearly. NOW after getting THAT straight, yes Ben was stubborn especially when it came to drinking but ‘so called friends’ Grieving or Not, yall let him leave AFTER running off the road ONE time… What u wish you could take back now??? Nobody IS to blame but some people (who let him leaVe) SHOULD feel guilty for letting him leave to go ‘home’ seeing how he was even if he was a’grown man’. Look @ what the outcome is now and that’s all you have to say?! Ben could get wild and crazy but that’s who he was and he will be greatly missed every second of every hour of everyday. This should be a lesson for all, you never know when your time will be but God called on him for some reason to be a sweet Angel and us selfish ones need to let him rejoice with the lord and let him see we’ll all be okay. Think about what BEN would want. Please keep his family & friends in your prayers.<3

  3. copeland

    Most of the time businesses that serve alcohol are not held responsible…take the bars in Huntsville as an example. They are out for the $$$, and will serve the SHSU students drink after drink, until they pass out and have to be carried out. They don’t care how drunk they get, how many shots of whisky they have been served-they don’t know the definition of alcohol poisoning! And they don’t care what happens when they leave the bar drunk and kill innocent people as a result of no limit alcohol serving! ATF where are you?!! And their best customers are the “drunkard” Judges and lawyers in town! That mangled truck should be shown around the area to high school students, along with a program that educates them about drinking and driving! It would be a good way to do some good for others through the tragedy of this young mans death.

  4. mrm

    Anyone who really knew Ben knew how stubborn and combative he could be when drinking. I honestly do not believe anyone could have stopped him. This was a tragic accident and blaming his friends when you don’t know the whole story is just wrong. The reports do not always tell the whole story. Only those who were there know what really took place. I know Ben would not place blame on his friends. Instead of condeming his friends lets pray for all those who new and loved him. Ew are all hurting from this tragic accident.

  5. DTG

    Wow, I don’t have anything to say about y’all, you know what say the shut you want just put yourselves in our shoes, if one of your close friends or family member died of something like this and they have it on this site, and you were grieving got on here and saw shitty comments about it? Would you like to see that or read that? His friends that tried to help, and family are grieving, stop adding to the negative ass comments and making us more sad and pissed off!!!!!

  6. k.firmin

    Sad he died from such a stupid decision. His “friends” were probally drunk/drinking as well. On the bright side nobody else was hurt. Prayers are with his family & real friends

  7. gmelton

    Why don’t the teenagers of the new generation just speak up and say NO. Can’t see why they can’t stand up have eachothers back. God bless those kids the thought of should have will eat at them. But only if they cared and even that’s questionable

  8. sal1968

    Well I hope his so called friends are all very proud of themselves. At least he didn’t kill anybody else. He chose to drive after he had been drinking, he was a big boy, he made that choice. But those FRIENDS, should have at least tried to stop him. They made absolutely no effort at that.

  9. DTG

    Wow, negative things because we took his keys, he had a spare and got away, we tried to stop him at first but that report doesn’t say that, call us what you want but we all tried to get him to stay and chill, but he’s a grown man and if he wanted to we could on do so much, so change your attitudes towards us

  10. wpnsexpert1978

    Bars, Clubs and others businesses are held responsible how about friends who already helped him out of one wreck, seen he couldn’t drive, tell him to get back in his vehicle tell him to hurry and to drive straight home, and then he dies in a wreck. Sounds like charges are some where in there.

  11. azcriminalkeeper

    @clh…….those were my exact thoughts….his friends weren’t very good friends…sadly a life wasted because his “friends” weren’t being friends

  12. charbayyb

    You honestly do not know who his friends are. He was out of control that night. How are you going to stop a grown man from doing what he wants to do. He would not have listened either way. He would have found a way to do what he wanted to do regardless. And he could have stayed. It was his choice to leave. You have no right to say that those where not his friends Most of them grew up together. And you were not there and dont know all the facts.

  13. Amber

    You are correct that friends would not let frineds drive drunk. We received the call late last night that our dear friend and brother through Christ had tragically passed away. Ben had only recently moved to the area of Houston and we are saddened that these people encouraged him to “drive straight home” if he had already ran off the road. There is an entire town in East Texas who is morning he loss of a good dear friend. Please keep his wife, mother, grandmother and siblings in your prayers.

  14. HelpMeRonduh

    Actually “Sober” friends don’t let drunk friends drive drunk. Drunk friends’ judgement is usually impaired too!! Very, very sad!!

  15. clh2691

    Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, isn’t that the old saying? These were no friends of his. He had already ran off the road, didn’t anyone think to take the keys away and let him stay and sleep it off. Well guess it doesn’t really matter now friends does it. Take note….drinking and driving kills!

  16. ashley n roberts

    Ben you will truely be missed, but I know you are watching from above. Ben’s girlfriend has a baby on the way and she found out tonight that they are haaving a boy. I miss n love you cuz…

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