Just before 3:30pm a 25-year-old mother was on her way to pick a child up from school when she was involved in a head on crash with a Ford pickup. MCHD and Montgomery Fire Department was dispatched to the scene but were unable to help the young mother. She was trapped in the vehicle as crews worked for almost twenty minutes to free her. She was transported to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.

The male driver of the pickup, identified as Tyler Moore, age 22, was transported by MCHD in serious condition to Conroe Regional Medical Center.

DPS is continuing the investigation to determine who crossed the center line on this narrow country road. Several vehicle have been having to make their way through Montgomery Hay Company pastures to get past the scene.

The females name has not been released as of yet.

Watson Ranch Road will remain closed until approximately 9PM.


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  1. Sheri

    I hope this accident has the county looking into this stretch of roadway. There are so many bumps and waves in the road. It’s gotten really bad in the last year or so. Even when you are going the speed limit which is 35 the road bounces you to the center. It’s not a good situation. My mother-in-law knew the woman who was killed and my kids know the boy who was taken to the hospital. Prayers for all the families involved.

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