At 1:11pm a Chevrolet pickup was traveling south on FM 1485 in front of Caney Creek High School. Behind that truck was a flat bed truck and behind the flat bed a motorcycle. The driver of the white truck, Thomas Obanion, 64 of Laporte, made a u-turn. When he did the flat bed truck stopped. The driver of the motorcycle, 54-year-old Charles Morgan of Conroe, drove into the center lane, passing the flat bed and slammed into the side of the Chevrolet pickup as it was in the middle of it’s turn. Th driver of the motorcycle died at the scene. FM 1485 was closed during the student release causing several headaches for CISD officers having to move all traffic south on FM 1485. THe crash cleared at 4pm.




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  1. BigBadWolf

    Definitely the U-turn guy’s fault. Like the poster above said, make a turn and then turn back the way you need to go. Or better yet know where you’re going in the first place!

  2. TG

    Geesh. what’s wrong with people making U-turns in front of traffic? Are you in such a hurry that you can’t go to a side road or driveway to turn around? I don’t know all the facts here but not that long ago a young man was killed on 2854 when another driver pulled his car on to the shoulder then started making a u-turn in front of a motorcycle whose driver probably thought the car was stopping. I heard DPS decided it was the motorcycle driver’s fault but I don’t agree with that. Common sense says you don’t make a u-turn in front of traffic. This one may be different but from the picture there is no side street or drive to the left so to me it doesn’t appear the truck driver had any reason to make a left turn and especially not a u-turn in front of traffic.

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