Today at 1:10 p,m, , Montgomery County Hospital District took multiple 911 calls regarding a two-vehicle collision on FM 1488 just west of FM 149. Callers indicated there was a Dump Truck and a Chevy Pickup truck involved and the driver of the pickup was trapped inside. MCHD EMS District 2, Medic 27, and Medic 40 responded along with the Magnolia Fire Department and law enforcement. Medic 40 arrived on the scene first at 1:15 and confirmed the entrapment and indicated one patient was trapped, in critical condition, possibly deceased. Once the fire department arrived, crews were able to better access, and at 1:24 Medic 40 advised they had one patient with injuries incompatible with life. Medic 27 has transported one stable patient to an area hospital.  DPS says the pickup Chevrolet Silverado pickup was westbound just west of the FM 149 overpass. The driver made a u-turn six-lane highway and was t-boned by a dump truck loaded with a rock. The deceased drivers’ wife was transported to Hermann Memorial in stable condition. Crews expect to reopen the road close to 5 pm as they are attempting to load the dump truck. Several motorists who are unfamiliar with this cloverleaf type intersection have been seen making a u-turn since the overpass was finished several years back.  In addition, several motorists cross several lanes to get to Klein Memorial Park. 



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  1. Michael

    “injuries incompatible with life”

    So does that mean the driver was dead? Or there was just no possibility of saving him?

    I’m not sure what this clover-leaf intersection looks like either, nor how to handle such a design. 🙁

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