fatal crash on ih45

Just after 10 p.m. Wednesday night a Montgomery County Deputy stopped a vehicle on the left shoulder of I-45 northbound just north or SH 242. As he searched the vehicle several wreckers pulled up for a wrecker call. As they sat with their overhead lights going  a Honda Accord came onto the extra wide shoulder which is over twenty-five feet and without braking slammed into the rear of a Quick Tow Wrecker driver by Joe Kerns of Spring. The 36-year-old driver of the car was killed on impact. The wrecker driver was transported to St. Liukes in stable condition.
DPS  investigated the crash and are trying to determine what the Honda was doing driving on the left shoulder.
The impact was so great that it lifted the wrecker off the ground pushing it almost thirty feet before the wrecker came in contact with the ground again and slid almost thirty feet. This while it remained in park.
The driver was identified as Michael E, Jedrzybnski, 36 of Conroe. Judge Trey Spikes ordered Eickenhorst Funeral Directors to transport the victim to the Montgomery County Forensic Center for autopsy.




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  1. chuckytaz

    Scott I’m going to say this right now…. I’m Sorry but I have to Put “Boogie75” in his place!!!!! boogie75 if you would have read all the comments you wouldn’t be talking out your Hind End!!!! If you want to put factors into place, then let’s do just that!!! 1. the vehicle that the sheriffs dept. pulled over should have been directed to the RIGHT SHOULDER!!! (Not the LEFT) 2. I said on here late last night that the cause of the Accident was, Mike FEEL ASLEEP!!! He left for work at 3am that morning and it was 19 1/2 hours later when the accident happened!!! This wasn’t the 1st time he feel asleep going home from work!!! I really don’t understand why people think that it’s always the wrecker drivers fault, and I really don’t care!!! But 1 thing is for sure that the Wrecker Driver in this case was NOT at fault!!! I would blame Mike for Falling Asleep!!! We have told him I don’t know how many times, “if your tired, call us and we will come and get you and drive you home no matter what time it is!!!” So next time you want to start running your mouth about something…. READ UP ON THE “FACTS” SO YOU DON’T START SOMETHING!!!!

  2. boogie75

    this is to all the people that just hate wrecker drivers for what ever reason.this is a tragic accident because any lose of life is never a good thing but if all of you people would remove your heads out of the south end of your body and look at the facts of the accident. fact number 1 the driver was setting on the left shoulder which is about 20 plus feet wide. fact number 2 the driver of the honda left the interstate and went onto the wide shoulder for unknown reasons for now but why else would a driver leave a huge 5 lane road at that hour just far as all you wrecker haters would you reither that this driver hit the police officers that were just past the wrecker drivers truck.what would your comments be then? so how about you people look at the facts before you run you smart ass thoughts and prayers go out to those people that lost their love one but check the facts before passing judgement.

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