Just before 2am Tuesday morning a accident occurred on Interstate 45 at the 107 mile marker. Initial investigation is that a Ford F250 struck the rear of a large truck van at a high rate of speed. The victim was entrapped and cut out by Huntsville and New Waverly firefighters. The victim whose name has not yet been released died at the scene.

DPS is continuing the investigation.




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  1. juddson12v

    He was my best friend, brother in law and brother in life. We work the oilfield as well paid men of respect. Clint Speaker was a man that understood things deeper then the rest us. Out of 22+ plus years of my 31, I watched a rowdy 6’+ teenager dominate Candy Cain park (in Conroe, Tx) to the point that he was a highlight reel for channel 13 news! He was like that. When he would find sport in any of his many ventures, he’d shine. And take that into adulthood. He could work a rig into doing a cartwheel. He was brilliant in math, he could spin wrenches, liked diesels, but Loved his wife and was a good father that provided, took care of his family. He like all of us want a better life for our kids. He went through Rolla coaster of life. Both highs and lows. But he saw it differently, deeper then most. A man known for his huge heart and loving care. Not all of what Clinton did was holy but his spirit and sense of humor granted forgiveness before it happened. I love you Clint(wilbur). Out of all 8 of us you was the best. We had the family viewing today 25th.(No services on Thanksgiving) Maybe Friday or Saturday. All are welcomed to services if you know us or him or are that type, like Clint.
    God bless you for the memories.

    And God bless you for reading this small story on my dear friend and brother.

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