Shortly after 5 am on June 3, 2020, a maroon 1 ton 1997 Chevy pickup, driven by Forrest Wade Rushing, 32, of Porter, was north-bound on US-59 just north of Leggett (but before the rest area). According to witnesses, his pickup left the pavement to the right, Rushing overcorrected to the left, left the pavement to the left, struck a culvert, went airborne, landed and rolled. Rushing’s pickup landed upside down and is believed to have killed him on impact. Allegiance Ambulance Service was dispatched to the scene along with Deputy Garrett Childers with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and Trooper Allen Stanton with the Texas Highway Patrol. Justice of the Peace, Sarah Raspberry performed an inquest at the scene. A first-call car from Cochran Funeral Home transported Rushing from the scene. One lane of traffic was blocked during investigation and cleanup. Rushing’s pickup was recovered by Clifton Chevrolet out of Corrigan where his vehicle will be stored. This accident remains under investigation by the Texas Highway Patrol.

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  1. Michael

    He took his own life… good riddance to bad rubbish. I applaud single-vehicle accidents (because they didn’t hurt or kill any other motorists!).

    And I’m not heartless, I just prefer bad drivers take themselves out in single-vehicle wrecks rather than hurting or killing other motorist that’s all. Just saying. :-\

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