Just after 10 a.m. Wednesday morning, crews with Bayou City Rail were working on the railroad tracks at the Union Tank Car facility on County Road 2205. Oscar Alfro, 65, who was employed by the company was picking up scrap steel with a tractor. He had gotten off the tractor to gather some small pieces and thrown them into the cab of the tractor. Investigators believe that one of those pieces thrown into the tractor hit the actuator lever on the tractor causing the boom to swing. This pinned Alfro between the tractor and the boom killing him. His son who was also working at the job site found him. According to Liberty County investigators, Alfro will be transported for autopsy.




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  1. sum1udontlike

    Thougts and prayers go out to this mans family. So sad when someone parishes just tryin to make a living and support his loved ones.

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