fatal on i-45

Early this morning police had a call of an 18-wheeler southbound on 45 near FM 830 that had hit the wall several times. The driver pulled over but when crews arrived he was dead. Officials feel he had a heart attack  since he did have an extensive medical condition. There were no other injuries.

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  1. skirsch2812

    Actually I have a friend who knows this man. It was unaware that he had any medical condition to attribute to the heart attack that he did suffer. Please be mindful of your comments as they may offend other people who know the victims.

  2. cj2020

    How is a man who has “extensive medical conditions” allowed to retain a CDL…. hmmmmm physicals and medical revelations are required…..a vehicle is a weapon… 18 wheeler is an atomic bomb… fortunate others were not involved

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