Felony Drug Bust


Around 3:30 p.m. Monday, Pct. 4 deputy constables invested alleged narcotics sales at a home in the 14600 block of Lucas in Splendora. The suspect, Michael Walker, admitted having a small amount of marijuana in the house but said there was no other contraband. After Walker and his wife granted consent to search their home, deputies entered and began to investigate. They also deployed Libby, Precinct 4’s new narcotics detection K-9. Libby gave a positive odor alert on a small wooden cabinet with a metal box on top. The cabinet contained three mason jars and a large plastic food storage bag with marijuana inside. It also contained numerous empty plastic food storage bags and a digital scale, both items typical of those used by drug dealers.

The metal box contained two loaded pistols, a syringe with hashish oil inside, edible marijuana items and a vile of metabolic steroids. There was also a bottle containing 34 pills identified as diclofenac, a dangerous drug, as well as amphetamines and Vyvanse, a controlled substance (stimulant). Additionally, there was an Adderall XR pill, which is an amphetamine. Michael Walker claimed ownership of all of the contraband.

There was a makeshift bed on the floor and the couple admitted it was where their child slept, less than five feet from the guns, narcotics and marijuana. Deputies notified Child Protective Services of the situation.

The couple’s home is beside a daycare and across the street from a Splendora ISD school, meaning the location fits the legal definition of a “drug free zone.”


Michael Andrew Walker, Jr., 29, of Splendora is charged with third-degree felony Possession of marijuana in a Drug Free Zone and three counts of third-degree felony Possession of a Controlled Substance in a Drug Free Zone.