Montgomery County Precinct 4 Livestock Officers responded to the 27200 block on Northcrest Circle in the Northcrest Subdivision Wednesday afternoon. In hand was a seizure warrant for fifteen horses, seven dogs and five cats.

Deputies had been out in the past and discovered the condition of the animals. They also identified three horses which were dead and had been for several months. One of those horses was in a stall.

Shortly after they arrived the SPCA came in and started documenting and loading the animals. A veterinarian with SPCA found two of the fifteen horses were in such bad shape that they may not make it through the night.

The owner of the horses, Kimberly Ann Adams could face several charges of cruelty to animals.

According to neighbors of this community, residents are allowed to keep one horse for every ten acres of land they own. One neighbor said that Adams formerly showed horses on a circuit and they were expensive registered horses.

Due to financial problems she was unable to keep up with all the animals and had formed a bond with them that she refused to let go of. Deputies say to feed that many horses could cost upward of $2500 a month, even more in the winter when extra calories are needed.







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  1. zeek

    Cranberry27; were you given all the facts. Does she work, did she get a job when her circumstances changed, did she even try to help herself?? The money must have been coming from somewhere, she lived in a nice home,she was eating right? There are always 2 sides to every story and my guess is the judge received them both! I hope the judge in this animal abuse case “gets it right” and puts her away with no food for a month and see how she likes the feeling of starvation!!!!!!

  2. zeek

    She had many offers from people to buy these horses from her They would have given them great homes and most importantly fed them!! and she choose to let them starve instead of give them up. What kind of person lets a horse die in a stall and let it rot there for months. Trust me this woman is not the so called victum in this story!! These horses were, they have been suffering for months and there is NO EXCUSE FOR IT period!! Horses are a luxury and regardless of your economic situation (even when it changes) if you cant afford to feed them you should sell or give them away!

  3. spk

    There’s absolutely nooooooo excuse for this. Some ‘bond’ she had with them, letting them starve to death, etc. I don’t buy it. Any excuse is null and void because it is insanity and worse than evil! A person who can’t tell when her animals are not in good hands is mentally ill or just evil!

  4. TAY_TAY23

    This upsets me. If she couldn’t take care of them she should of sold them.. my heart is broken. I want the paint and does anybody know where I can call and ask questions to get the paint?

  5. lollie4281

    So sad! Seems like if she truly had a bond with them, she would have let them go. I could do that to a stray animal much less one I had a bond with. I think she may need psychiatric care. Sometimes a sudden financial strain like that can cause depression or worse. Prayers that she gets the help she needs and that the remaining animals get nursed back to health and find a good home.

  6. Cranberry27

    Its easy to be so judgemental when you are not presented with the whole story. The Montgomery county judge who left a mother with her children, 18 horses, no home, and no means to support them should be held accountable. The justice system failed her. This is a sad and horrible chain of events .

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