August 13, 2022 6:56 am

Posted: 14.10.2015 23:12


Thanks to a land owner who thought it was a good idea to clear his land, set the material on fire and leave. Well it now is taking  Caney Creek, Porter and East Montgomery County Fire Departments to get it under control since it got into the woods. Texas Forest Service who is also having to assemble a team to respond to the area to help fight the fire which has now grown to over 10 acres.

Petty Walker east of Fire Tower is currently closed to traffic as fire trucks continue to flow in and out of the woods and tankers haul in additional water.

This was not the only fire tonight as Caney Creek responded to a fire in Lone Star Ranch and Magnolia responded to a grass fire.

Crews from most agencies are already thin due to crews and equipment being dispatched to Central Texas for a 1600 acre wildfire.

With temperatures still in the 90’s and the dry air the fires will continue to flare up as many do not heed the warnings.

Like 2011 it would be nice for residents who are at the grocery store, to pick up an extra case of water and drop it off at your local fire station.