Just before 1 p.m. Thursday afternoon Cut and Shoot firefighters were dispatched to a house fire on Ben Wiggins Road just off FM 1484. When they arrived they found a single story home with heavy fire. The Cut and Shoot crews along with crews of the North Montgomery County Fire Department started extinguishing the blaze. Lt. Romagus, Firefighter Jones and Firefighter Brousard  entered the home just as the second alarm was being sounded. As they made their way toward the rear of the home conditions worsened. The smoke became extremely dense. It was at that moment that the pump operator outside noticed the conditions and advised all units to evacuate the home. It wasn’t soon enough. Just as he called everyone out Lt. Romagus’s crew started seeing light flashes likened to lightening bolts shooting through the smoke, Knowing the unburned gasses from the fire were about to explode they started backing out. That is when the house flashed over. the super heated gases exploded. A “MAYDAY” was issued causing the dispatcher to automatically issue a third alarm to bring extra manpower knowing firefighters were trapped.

Within minutes the crew emerged from the flames, gear blackened but uninjured. A hood which most firefighters wear called a reed hood which is like a stocking mask saved them from burning their ears or neck.

MCHD treated Sue Williams, 64, the resident of the home. She told investigators she was on the phone with her daughter and on the computer when she heard popping and then saw fire.

Don Williams, 54, the homeowner returned from his job in Cleveand as firefighters were standing by due ammunition exploding in the blaze.

As crews went back into the home they found the family dog “Buba” in one room, he was slightly burned but was wet and had difficulty breathing. Firefighters and medics administered oxygen and located a vet who requested that they bring the dog to him.

Besides Cut and Shoot, North Montgomery County and Caney Creek assisted. Conroe was returned to service prior to them arriving when the firefighters were safe. In addition Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene. Deputy Cross who is also a volunteer firefighter in San Jacinto County took a load off many firefighters hands by assisting with the tankers as they arrived with water.


The Montgomery County Fire Marshal’s Office is Investigating the cause of the blaze.

The home was a total loss and was not insured.





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