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Posted: 28.2.2010 1:39


Saturday was the first day of the all new Sherwood Forest Faire, a Renaissance Festival taking place for the next five weekends just a little over 100 miles from Conroe.
It may seem like a distance but it is a wonderful drive along Highway 105 and US 290 as the bluebonnets and wild flowers start their yearly bloom.
Then Faire is based on a small village in England complete with food, fun and dress.
The 25 acres is covered in beautiful cedar and pine trees and a nice cool breeze makes it a very comfortable atmosphere.
Vendors include food, (such as deep fried Snickers Bars), turkey legs, sausage on a stick, Italian and plenty of ale.
The gates open at 10am and close at dusk and is quite inexpensive for a full day of fun and adventure.
Watch the uncut video of some of the events Saturday.

The Faire is open weekends now through April 4, 2010. It is located 20 miles past Giddings, just past the intersection of US 290 and Highway 21 in the small town of McDade.

You can visit their website at